KFC launches option to place order with chicken emoji

KFC India chicken emoji

Adding a pinch of innovation to the mix, KFC India will now accept favourited orders that can be initiated with a chicken emoji.

In an attempt to give consumers an interesting way to place an order, KFC India has launched an option where anyone can text them a chicken emoji to initiate the order. When trying it for the first time, consumers will have to input basic detail and decide on a favourite order. For every time hence, they will be able to repeat the order by sending a chicken emoji.

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Talking about this latest launch, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “We are always looking at ways to bring our consumers closer to their favourite KFC food. Earlier this year, we made it possible to order KFC by simply talking to Alexa. We’ve now gone a step further, and all you need to do to place your favourite KFC order is simply texting us the emoji. So, when you dream or think chicken, or have the craving to dig into a crispy, juicy piece of KFC chicken — it’s just an emoji away!”

After the order is placed, people can pay for the food by the cash on delivery method. As of now, other payment options are not available when people are using the emoji way to place the order.