Kotak’s 811 #DreamsInvited-An ode to audacious dreamers

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Kotak Mahindra Bank 811 #Dreamsinvited

811 #DreamInvited, the sequel to 811 #IndiaInvited Campaign of Kotak Mahindra Bank urges dreamers to chase their dreams, featuring Ranveer Singh as the protagonist.

Kotak Mahindra Bank focusing on ‘inclusive banking’ earlier in 2018 released the 811 #IndiaInvited campaign. The brand releases a sequel, 811 #DreamsInvited ad with Ranveer Singh as its face to take the theme a step ahead on the date 8/11- the date India changed. in 2019.

India encompasses audacious dreamers of every possible caste, creed, and culture, having the potential to accomplish impossible things in life. The dreams never judge you of your background or appearance.

Leveraging this insight and emotional attribute, Kotak launches its 811 #DreamsInvited sequel, featuring Indian track and field legend, PT Usha and a host of other dreamers. Just as dreams are non-judgemental, Kotak 811 accepts you, and all your outrageous dreams that one aims to achieve.

Set in Dreamland Guesthouse, a modest suburban hotel in Mumbai, #DreamsInvited is where people from various walks of life come to stay. Ranveer Singh, as the Hotel Manager, plays the anchor or the protagonist observes people in the pursuit of their dreams. Much like Kotak 811, he doesn’t judge his guests but instead helps these dreamers move forward towards their dreams. In the end, he meets PT Usha, who dared to dream and create history as one of the notable dreamers.

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Karthi Marshan, Chief Marketing Officer, Kotak Mahindra Group said, “Right from its very origins, Kotak has been in the business of helping Indians across segments and geographies realize their dreams. In 2018, with our 811 #IndiaInvited campaign, we reached out to all Indians, especially the unbanked & underbanked, and took giant strides towards making banking services accessible to all Indians. The new #DreamsInvited campaign builds on this narrative by acknowledging the changing mindscape and narrative of a new India and encouraging Indians to dream big and pursues their dreams, no matter how strange or incredible their dream might seem to others. Kotak 811 is open to one and all.”

Elizabeth Venkataraman, Senior Executive Vice President & Head of Marketing, Kotak Mahindra Bank said, “We are seeing an exciting new wave of people, who regardless of their background or age or gender, have a dream and are prepared to go all out in their quest to achieve that dream. The film is inspired by some true stories, such as the one about the ballet dancers featured in our campaign. The boys had an unconventional dream to be ballet dancers on the world stage and their dream has come true. Dreams don’t judge and neither does Kotak and hence, the Kotak 811 #KhwaabonKaKhaata.”

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