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Pinterest self-harm

Pinterest is introducing coping exercises to compassionate search and more of such tools to prevent self-harm.

The platform continues to provide ways to prevent self-harm. In July 2019, Pinterest had introduced a slate of tools to help users cope with anxiety, stress and more of such emotions. Pinterest showed prompt to explore these tools when you search with keywords such as "stress quotes", "work anxiety" and more.

The new Pinterest compassionate search experience is better equipped to support people who are feeling sadness or other emotions related to self-harm.

Now, when a user searches for terms related to self-harm, they'll find ten new coping exercises that might help them work through difficult emotions. These coping exercises include suggested activities such as starting a journal, making a playlist or drawing a nature scene and more.

These activities aren't meant to replace professional care. Although, each activity is based and comes out of the platform's work with emotional health experts.

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Along with keywords, you can also find these activities by searching for #interestwellbeing in the app. You will be directed to these activities by Pinterest to prevent self -harm.

In August 2019, Pinterest released some interesting facts about the platform whilst announcing 300 million users globally. Few of the facts included, more than 91% of Pinners saying that Pinterest is a positive place and 89% of Pinners saying that Pinterest leaves them feeling empowered.

Pinterest continues to recognize how and when people use the service and help them feel more positive when they leave instead of coping through self-harm.

The exercises intend to offer new ways to try and reduce stress levels and give tools they can use on a regular basis. And, access to crisis prevention support such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is already available on the platform.

Evan Sharp, Co-founder, and Chief Creative & Design Officer, Pinterest mentioned, "Pinterest does not track who uses these exercises. People’s interactions with these activities are stored anonymously using a third-party service so that they won’t be shown related recommendations or ads".

The design of this experience uses gentler colors to create a sense of harmony and calmness. The UI is designed to keep the people's focus on resources.

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