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About the Platform.

SBLOB is a cross-social network newsfeed launched in 2017 aiming to change the digital landscape of social media. It allows users to see social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, Patreon and Shopify on one platform, making it easier to stay up to date across the board.

The platform has two cofounders - Alexander Reckmeyer, leading in technology and product innovation, and Marisa Teh, leading marketing, and business development.

Who do we cater to?

With 3 billion active users and millennials spending almost 3-4 hours over 8-9 applications, SBLOB brings scattered content from various mediums onto one newsfeed allowing brands and content creators (ranging from musicians, artists, gamers, designers, event organizers to beauty) to have a platform to promote their content.

What do we offer to our consumers?

At SBLOB, we are excited about helping others with exposure. By sharing all your social media in one place, we make it easy for anyone to keep up across different digital platforms on one feed. A free aggregation tool, SBLOB allows integration of both e-commerce and social media feeds onto one newsfeed.

A musician’s latest work to their music videos, streaming to behind the scenes images and merchandise will be readily available in one-page scroll for anyone to know and follow easily. This allows users to diversify their audiences and independently control potential revenue streams on the portal.

Subscribers to the profiles on our platform will be notified of new content which will not be lost in digital space as traffic on another medium systematically decreases for them.

SBLOB offers tangible data on conversion

rates of digital marketing spend to sales through its platform benefiting both

brands and contents creators. By incorporating both social media and e-commerce

on one platform, SBLOB offers a digital trace on traffic from one feed to other

allowing creators to understand what is working with the audience for sales and


What motivated us to start?

Our co-founders saw a gap in the digital media landscape today. As active users of social media, we saw that we were having less control of the content we subscribe to or want to see on social media. Also, it was cumbersome to stay up to date on fragmented contents across different networks.

We wanted to develop a platform that allows people to bring all their favorite content into one place. The consolidation of content and audiences into one space allows consumers to see what they want to see not only what is shown to them

What's in a name?

SBLOB stands for social blob as we wanted to create a space that is fun, inclusive, and easy to navigate.

How do we see Social


People tend to use social media in three ways. The first would be to interact with and representing themselves digitally/online to people they know in their real-life environment.

The second would be the consumption of content, aka videos, images, etc. that the user enjoys consuming, rather than just the personal connection the user might have with them.


third is connecting with strangers through common interests or topics of

interest. This could be interacting in the comment sections of social media

platforms for example.

SBLOB brings social media users with different needs and ideas on one platform creating a space for where all three kinds of users mentioned above can benefit.

Currently, we are...

We have a collection of approximately 1000 artists, musicians, gamers, horror narrators and illustrators with up to 12mn subscribers per profile.

Our biggest challenge was...

Product-wise, the biggest challenge was developing the complex software logic at the backend to communicate with the very different social networks we support and balancing their limitations.

For the long list of things we still want to develop, we have to stay patient and work on the items one by one.

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We want to dominate the world via…?

Social media aggregation services today offer expensive and bespoke development of social walls for standalone brand promotion to address inconvenience in following a brand’s content across different platforms. Visitors won’t be able to visit other profiles or check out other content so typically end their journey at the port of entry.

We’re making moolah by...

At this moment in time, our focus is on offering our free service to help more artists bring more visibility to their work and helping their fans/followers to stay up to date.

We recently extended our platform to support Shopify, allowing users to bring their merchandise store to their social feeds. We offer this service for free at this moment. As the platform grows, we plan on introducing a number of revenue streams for content creators.

Our What The **** Moment

We still get amazed by the different ways people pronounce SBLOB – from SBLOB in one go to S-BLOB. The pronunciation gets more interesting each time as we expand to new markets.

The industry as we foresee

With more than 325 million users last year which is predicted to grow each year: to be part of this growing market will be key for success on a global level for any platform.

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