#SamosaTalks Can’t do carpet bombing advertising in the age of personalization: Carlton D’Silva

Carlton D'Silva

From heading the creative department at an organization to juggling multiples roles as the CEO and CCO at Hungama Digital Services, Carlton D’Silva sheds takes us through his journey.

Having joined Hungama Digital Services in 1999, Carlton D’Silva has gained expertise in the digital arena and won innumerable accolades for the company. In an exclusive conversation with Social Samosa, D’Silva shares his journey with witty insights and mindshare.

Speaking at length of the evolving business in the current digital space, he said that in earlier years, he witnessed the transition in the mindset of marketers as well as people towards digital. “Now when agencies send something of traditional sense to clients, they mention what do you have for me in digital”.

He further shares, “There’ll still be co-existence of mediums but I guess the weight on each one of them is changing substantially. People are looking for RoI and no better channel than digital as the medium”.

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On juggling multiple roles as CEO alongside the role of a CCO at Hungama Digital, D’Silva aptly mentions that he used to dream in color and now dreams in excel. “I still prefer the creative process over business any day “, he states.

In the context of using newer technology such as AI to craft better communication campaigns, D’Silva points out that “We are in the age of personalization. You can’t do carpet bombing advertising.”

The industry stalwart summarizes that Technology enhances communication but the team will always require a human element to translate emotions.

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