#SamosaTalks With the Advent of internet transparency is a norm: Lulu Raghavan, Landor Associates

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Starting with Ogilvy as a brand consultant to working with Landor Associates for 7 years to finally coming to India as the MD of the company and continuing the legacy, Lulu Raghavan shares tips on crafting seamless brand experiences and more.

In a candid conversation with Social Samosa, Lulu Raghavan from Landor Associates takes us through the evolution of advertising from India perspective.

Citing the example of ‘Mad Men’ Series, she describes that back in 1950s brand was all about image.

“Nobody cared whether the brand delivered on the promise or not. But today, with the advent of the internet and social media, transparency is the norm”, she points out.

Raghavan further explains that branding has changed tremendously over the last 20 years. She mentions that even management has become more complex. With social media at the fore, any brand that doesn’t deliver a good experience can easily be called out, she says.

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In the context of crafting seamless brand experiences, she postulates that brands have to be very clear on what they stand for. Speaking further on this, she shares that once the brand idea is finalized, the entire organization has to rally around with relentless execution.

“Organizations can’t work in silos. They need to be unified to deliver seamless customer-experience across touchpoints”, the industry expert said.

On tenets of Branding that new age Brands miss-out, Raghavan shares tips for budding marketers and distinctly highlights that new-age marketers shouldn’t forget the basics of brands like differentiation, relevance, building brand esteem, and energizing the brand constantly.

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