#SamosaTalks Digital is one of our means for B2C pull-marketing: Sonia Notani, IndiaFirst Life

Sonia Notani

Sonia Notani, CMO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance sheds light on the relevance of Social media for BFSI brands, the impact of the festive season on the market, and more.

“We have access to media in all given points in time”, Sonia Notani shares. With an experience of almost 2 decades, the industry veteran distinctly points out that BFSI, as a sector benefits and can leverage social media even more since the segment is content-driven.

BFSI brands sell promise hence social media becomes very relevant for them to communicate their proposition.

Speaking at length on lead generation and digital, as a medium, Notani shares that, “Digital is literally one of our means for B2C pull-marketing”. She looks at digital as an avenue to building brands and even building the category, apart from being a medium for lead generation campaigns.

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Further, Notani puts forth that BFSI is a segment that needs to be explained, else people don’t understand it completely. According to her, the biggest strength that provides to BFSI is that the medium enables the brands to explain, provide a context and tell a story.

In the context of calculating ROI through marketing efforts, she explains that digital can create a lot of brand awareness and recall, but ROI is not that black and white. IndiaFirst Life Insurance, as a brand has its own set of lead metrics including CPC and acquisition but to the industry expert, it is a smaller piece.

From a brand’s point of view in the festive season, she responds that festivals are a good time to resonate with family values but it is not the prime purchase-season for them.

As a parting note, Notani mentions Customer-first, approach is the aspect to keep in mind. “We need to see from the lens of the customer”, she pipes in.

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