#SamosaTalks: If organic buzz is high, people will post about it says, Divya Dixit, ALTBalaji

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Divya Dixit- Samosa Talks

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with Social Samosa, Divya Dixit from ALTBalaji shares her thoughts on the evolution of the OTT market, relevance of influencers, and more.

With 20 years of experience, Divya Dixit, Sr. Vice President & Head Marketing at ALTBalaji, has expertise across sectors including digital, broadcasting, telecom, and music. Dixit speaks at length with Social Samosa about ALTBalaji's journey and the changing landscape of OTT industry.

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"When we started this 3 years ago, OTT was a niche. However, with Jio coming to play, massification started", she quips.

She explains that since there is a diverse audience, AltBalaji believes in creating content for everybody. Hence, for the elitist audience, the OTT platform has TGIDF and M.O.M, for the masses, it has Ragini MMS, and for women, ALTBalaji showcases webisodes such as Cold Lassi and Chicken Masala.

In the context of influencer marketing, Dixit shares that as a brand, they are not in favor of the concept.

"We don’t really need influencers. We like to leverage our star cast to the maximum. They understand that marketing is required for the audience to notice the content", Dixit explains. The brand believes that if the organic buzz is high, people themselves will post about it.

In conclusion, she postulates that Digital is a tough market to be in but one has no shortcuts to hard work. People need to do smart work but they will have to get into details to succeed.

Take a look at the video for the detailed interview.

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