Sonakshi’s wrecked bag inspires ambush marketing by brands like VIP and Fevikwik

Sonakshi moment marketing

This week, Sonakshi Sinha gave brands a chance to indulge in some ambush marketing over her bag that gone ruined in a flight.

On Sunday, actress Sonakshi Sinha took to Twitter to complain about Indigo and how her Samsonite trolley bag got ruined in the luggage carrier of their flight. While they had a chance to make it up to the loss and win some brownie points from the internet, they chose to revert with their standard ORM message, seeking contact and other details. Later, she got an apology too. However, what won the internet were the way VIP Bags and Fevikwik played their moves, indulging in ambush marketing. Samsonite too jumped in, a bit late, again with a standard revert.

Samsonite plays the ORM card

Though Sonakshi didn’t specify the brand as prominently, she mentions the brand of her bag in passing. To their end, Samsonite tweets back, apologising for letting her down. They say that the service team will get back to her shortly — a pretty standard ORM response.

Samsonite tweet

Fevikwik tries to fix the issue

Playing up the brand’s strength, Fevikwik tweeted to Sonakshi with a suggestion that she could fix it with their product. Why should anyone fear for wreckage when they can simply fix it with super glue!

Fevikwik tweet

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VIP Bags wins with ambush marketing

VIP Bags jumped in at the opportunity and promised to send new bags to Sonakshi as a means to cheer her up.

VIP Bags tweet

A day later, they actually sent her two sets of three bags each. She then made a video to express her joy at receiving such a gift. On their end, VIP Bags tweeted the video on the thread, replying to Fevikwik, saying: Fixed it!

It is interesting to see how brands picked up this moment to highlight their strengths. VIP Bags truly won the moment with minimal investment, garnering eyeballs for their range of products and spontaneity.