#Superwomen2019 It's 60% mental map and 40% construction: Saru Sharma, Mom Blogger

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Saru Sharma

"Believing in yourself and giving your best every day" is the one quality that helps Saru Sharma strive and achieve.

Interested in motherhood, self-care, and more, Saru Sharma further shares her thoughts on breaking stereotypes in the world of content and blogging in light of her blog, Diapers and Lipsticks.


How would you define a Superwoman in today's day and age? 

I believe any woman who is able to break the stereotypes and is working towards her dreams despite challenges is a Superwoman. 

One quality that you think every superwoman has and that helped you win Social Samosa Superwomen...

Believing in yourself and giving your best every day, every time without worrying about the outcome.

How successful have women been in shattering the glass ceiling in the Media & Advertising field? Does the 'boardroom inequality' phrase still stand true? 

I believe women have not only shattered but flown way past the ceiling in the media & advertising field and have reached a level where the 'boardroom inequality' phrase could be used for the other gender. 

What are the key changes this industry needs in order to make workplaces gender-neutral, safe, and nurturing? 

There's a dire need of creating more awareness amongst people about being sensitive & respectful to each other regardless of gender. Social media has made it so easy for anyone to express themselves and sometimes without having to show your identity which is very scary.

You never know what harm your words can do to the other person. So a lot of awareness and positivity needs to be spread as it should really be a place for fun & entertainment and not stress & hatred.

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One Superpower you wish you had? 


wish I was the master of my mind and I had full control over my thoughts so I

could think & worry less and do & achieve more! 

The 'Superwomen' you diligently follow and who inspired you... 

Honestly, there are so many Superwomen who inspire me in some way or the other. Be it my Mom, my sister, fellow mom bloggers or big achievers like Oprah & Malala. There's something to be inspired by everyone. 

One tip to women out there attempting to scale heights... 


stop believing in your dreams & yourself. It's 60% mental map and 40%

construction and you can build ANYTHING you want! 

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