#TwoKindsOfPeople brand posts bind the opposites

#TwoKindsOfPeople brand posts

#TwoKindsOfPeople brand posts are showing contrasting characteristics with creative posts.

The topical trend among Indian social media brands with the #TwoKindsOfPeople brand posts spread about a day or two ago although the topic – #TwoKindsOfPeople shook out on Twitter about 4 – 5 years ago or probably before, as various tiny trends.

Many trends synonymous with the concept have also broken on the internet earlier. For instance, “Do you set the alarm as ‘9:30’ or ‘9:00’, ‘9:15’, ‘9:30’ & ‘9:45’ trend” or several similar ones but brands latched onto this one.

The course resurfaced when Refreshing Designs put out a creative showing two kinds of people on Instagram, which was shared by Social Samosa. Subsequently, the trend was picked up by brands quick on their feet.

The trait of showing two contrasting personalities or habits is being used by brands to create awareness by weaving the pair around itself.

Navarasam and Lapinoz Pizza showcased few eating habits, Donatekart highlights few spending habits.

Oven Story Pizza takes a subtle dig on their competitor, Practice Positive prompts us towards an eco-friendly replacement. POPxoDaily puts fashion preferences in the spotlight.

Check out more brands showing two sides of their coin.

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Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

TopCashback India

Oven Story Pizza



Berger Paints


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Practice Positive



Lapinoz Pizza


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