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YouTube shopping ads

YouTube is introducing shoppable ads in YouTube home feed and search results, helping extend the reach of shopping campaigns.

Users browsing through YouTube, especially while researching products can now see visual shopping ads based on their interest. This means that if a consumer expresses interest in running, they could see ads that offer running apparel, say offerings by a brand like Puma. These ads would highlight the different products by the brands, along with the prices.

If a brand or a marketer is already using standard shopping campaigns and are opted in to YouTube on Display Network they would be eligible for this experience. For users, this upgrade will come with useful and actionable information like store location, interest forms and additional calls-to-actions to help drive more conversions.

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With social media platforms making it easier for brands to go digital to find customers, it is interesting how YouTube too is stepping up its game. Internet users indeed often search for product reviews on the video streaming platform. Such shopping campaigns can be used to promote inventory, boost traffic to a website and find better-qualified leads.

These shoppable ads on YouTube are more than just text ads, they show users photos of the product, a title, price, store name and more. They give users a strong sense of the product being sold, facilitating them to click on the ad and act on it.

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