#AFairChance: Mukul Madhav Foundation & Pooja Dhingra drive an important message

Pooja Dhingra #AFairChance Mukul Madhav Foundation

Mukul Madhav Foundation and Pooja Dhingra share a message of inclusiveness through a social experiment.

“It is the differences that make you unique and beautiful…” a statement so profound and meaningful, yet forgotten when it comes to people. With this thought Pooja Dhingra in association with Pune based NGO, Mukul Madhav Foundation, tug at our hearts through a social experiment.

Supporting the work done Mukul Madhav Foundation for the differently-abled, Dhingra attempts to advocate inclusivity in this social experiment at Le15 Patisserie.

The festive season is all about harnessing the potential and spreading the cheer. This December together with Chef @poojadhingra, we are ensuring that everyone gets #AFairChancePS – You will love these cookies.#MukulMadhavFoundation #AFairChance #PoojaDhingra #Le15 #DecemberSpecials #Cookies #FoodForChange #HappyDecember #ChefSpecial #Inclusion #ChooseToInclude #SpreadHopeSpreadHappiness

Posted by Mukul Madhav Foundation on Wednesday, 11 December 2019

It was just another day at the Le 15 Café where Celebrity Chef Pooja Dhingra had something special waiting for her customers – freshly baked, handcrafted, chocolate cookies.

In-line with the holiday vibe, chocolate cookie boxes are often in demand; every time a consumer asked for this delicacy there were given a box of cookies baked specially by Dhingra. Much like other cookies, these cookies tasted delicious but looked different. The campaign records reactions of customers presented with the cookies and their reluctance towards it.

With this campaign, Pooja urges customers to give the special cookies #AFairChance driving the message that as a society we need to create opportunities for the differently-abled and look beyond the disability to truly see their potential and all that they have to offer. 

MMF attempts to share the message of equality through this social experiment. Being different doesn’t cap anyone’s potential or take away their talent.

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Mukul Madhav Foundation, a Pune Based NGO has been working towards empowering the differently-abled with Mission Cerebral Palsy. They have empowered over 986 kids affected by the condition in rural Satara.

“The concept is inspired by the kids MMF supports. Each one of them had a different journey and despite the challenges, with consistent support, they have strived to reach their full potential. However, most of them are judged because of their condition. We are committed to shaping a more inclusive world for them thus ensuring each one of them gets #AFairChance. We are grateful to Chef Pooja Dhingra for being so kind and supporting us,” says Gayatri Chhabria, Trustee, Mukul Madhav Foundation 

“It’s extremely important that we as a society understand and include these special ones in our lives without being judgmental. Embracing them as they are is when we actually give them #AFairChance to live it up! I’m glad I got this opportunity with MMF to do my bit and help spread some awareness and joy around the season,” says Pooja Dhingra, Celebrity chef & Principal Owner, Le 15 Patisserie Pvt. Ltd.

The campaign has been beautifully conceptualized and executed by Schbang with an aim to communicate that good cookies just like good people are just good cookies and should be given ‘#AFairChance’.