Agency Feature: Ayruz Data Marketing

Ayruz Consulting

Who are we?

Ayruz Data Marketing is a data-driven marketing agency focused on delivering results. Our data-driven approach and creative thinking are what that differentiates us in the cluttered space.  We are one of the first digital marketing agencies from South India, and we bring over a decade of experience in digital marketing and analytics service primarily in the UK, Europe, MENA, India, and the USA.

Agency Timeline:   

  • 2008: Inception of Ayruz Web Holdings, our directors took the next big move after placing their first venture, MobMe Wireless in the paths of success. 
  • 2009: Signed first contract with Stark Communications to help with the Digital  Marketing of Kerala Tourism.  
  • 2010: Started UK operations & served many SMEs 
  • 2014: Rebranding as Ayruz Data Marketing.  
  • 2015: Commencing operations in Switzerland 
  • 2016: Commencing operations in the USA 

Sanil Subash Chandra Bose, Founder, and Director: Sanil is an entrepreneur & marketer with over 15 years of experience.

Kenney Jacob, Founder & CEO, Ayruz Data Marketing​: Kenney is an angel investor,  serial entrepreneur, and marketer with over 18 years of experience.

Nivin Xavier, Director, Digital Marketing​: Nivin is an entrepreneur from eighth grade turned marketer with over 12 years of experience.

What’s in the name?

The name Ayruz is something which we cooked up in our top-secret lab. The second part denotes our approach to ‘data-driven digital marketing.; 

What do we do?

Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy Planning, Marketing Analytics, Technical  Consulting, Channel Management, Remote Staffing  

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Why we do it?

Tech + marketing is what drives the digital world and we had both skills at hand in  2008. Digital was the buzz word and we saw an opportunity and jumped at it.

How we evolve?

Constant learning is the key thing in this present age. We encourage our teammates to learn something new at their job every day and almost 50% of every new project we will be a new thing, be it the services we offer, the tools we use or the industry standards. We keep a constant eye on everything and strive for growth. 

Social responsibility in social media

Always give importance to the data rights of clients and end customers, never share data from one source with any other source. A lot of clients we have are keen on GDPR and we also help our clients to be GDPR compliant so that their end customer’s data is also protected. 

The need of the hour

In our day to day affairs pertaining to social media, be it in our personal space or in digital marketing, there is a need for properly drafted social networking space. The laws pertaining to social media and social networking are still a grey area and we are forced to rely upon our experience to make decisions. It has to change.   

We learned the hard way

It is better to work with a handful of good and big clients than working with numerous small clients. 

They work with us  

JCB North America, m2all by Mahindra, Exposure Digital, TetraPak India, mporium,  dataPOWA & many more.  

The industry as we foresee

In the coming years, video content in social media will take over any other format,  such as text or images. If you look closely, you can see it happening even now.  

A day without Internet

We feel this question will be better asked by our fellow citizens at Kashmir.  

Lastly, are you hiring?