Agency Feature: Brandgasm Media

Brandgasm Media

How would you define Brandgasm Media?

We are a content marketing company wherein we specialize in influencer marketing & talent management. The driving force behind us is the soul of the company, Kunal Chhabhria. He is the business brain behind Ashish Chanchlani Vines actually helped him realize that other creators and brands would also need some assistance and that’s where it all started.

What’s in the name?

The brands and influencers we work with are always left with a supreme feeling of satisfaction. We like to call this feeling – ‘The Brandgasm‘.

What do we do?

We bring brands and influencers together to create brand-driven content and distribute the same to a specific target audience. We also consult content creators to grow on various social media platforms and grow their numbers exponentially. We provide promotional services across various social media platforms, namely, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Why do we do it?

Online content is being produced faster and about more topics than ever. We believe that Influencer Marketing is the next big thing and the increasing amount of content being put out on social media every single day is proof to the same. We know it is important to create a bridge between the brands and the influencers to fill the gap that exists in the market.

How we evolve?

We work in an ecosystem where we observe, learn, implement and share. We observe the current trends and analyze what’s working for the market and what’s not. We then accordingly learn and plan to make it happen and implement it via our resources and then share it on the platforms which bring in multiple ROI.

Social responsibility in social media

The influencers with whom we work with gets associated with brands who bring value to the lives of the audience. As an agency, we always take care of the products and services that our influencers are expected to market to their audience. We have to understand it’s pros and cons before we close any associations.

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The need of the hour

To avoid the later misunderstandings, we believe that it’s best to get legal things done before we publish or release the branded content and stay safe from our end.

We learned the hard way

We learned the hard way is the fact that no matter how good and engaging your pitch to the brand is, there will always be some contradictions at the last minute and hence communicating with brands and creator’s prior is the key aspect that we have grasped.

They work with us

We have been fortunate to serve some of the leading industry leaders in their respective fields such as Mobile Premier League (MPL), Asus, Tissot, Swiggy, Groww, Head & Shoulders, Go Noise, Likee, B612, and many others.

The industry as we foresee

We believe that this industry is going to grow and excel multi-folds. As already mentioned, the content and digital distribution have grown and expanded than ever before. Anyone who’s into or around this space has a really bright future.

A day without internet

Internet consumption on a daily has increased multiple times than ever and without its use, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to stay in this era. Although, a day without it could be a cherishing break for all of us.

Are we hiring?

Yes, for the following designations:

• Business Developer

• Graphic Designer