Agency Feature: Crossworks


Who are we?

Founded in 2006 by our Managing Director, Arvin Padmanabha, Crossworks is an experiential marketing firm that aims to create brand experiences through innovation, creativity, and efficiency.

What’s in the name?

The convenience of experiential marketing is the fact that it involves giving brand experiences up close and personally to the consumers. Our line of work brings the virtual and the real world together. Being the bridge for that possibility, we decided to go with the name ‘Crossworks’.

Our logo represents an hourglass that signifies time management, efficiency, and productivity. In addition to time-related themes, the hourglass is synonymous with cycles and balance, which is important in business of creativity, innovation and brand awareness.

What we do?

Our service range is as follows:

  • Innovation
  • Events
  • Creative
  • 3D Animation
  • Corporate AV

To summarize, we deal with interactive installations for the purpose of promoting brand stories through campaigns and event activations. This is accompanied with the innovation facilities to develop new immersive technology that inspires new kinds of experiences.

Why we do it?

The advertising industry grows when there are new mediums to explore. Experiential marketing is not exactly a well-known industry among common folk within India, but from a B2B perspective, there is always a need for it.

If you think about the route of content from brand to consumer, experiential marketing offers the shortest and most direct means, which is why it is an industry that will last for generations.

How we evolve?

We innovate with every brief that is brought to us. Adapting & adopting new technologies & reinventing existing technologies is a core activity that we follow.

Keeping up with trends is manageable, but should the day come where we are unable to offer new experiences through one product, we are already equipped with a dozen more concepts in a prototype phase to explore.

Social responsibility in social media

Crossworks always believes strongly on social responsibility on and off social media. Even prior to the evolution of social media, we have our organization ethics, which include staying conscious about avoiding conspiracy theories, hate speech, and harassment.

What we do offline is what is being followed online. We believe that to do good, one must be good.

The need of the hour

So far, we haven’t come across any issues from a business point of view. However, we definitely need laws and guidelines that follow due process and is evidence-based.

We learned the hard way

The customer is always right but need not be right always. Understanding the requirements of the objective of the customer is key to any business. But maintaining the quality of work and letting the customer see the impact on their objective is just as important. We believe that we have followed through with that pretty well in our line of work.

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Did we just share that?

A recurring theme on our Social Media platforms is our Monday Jazz posts. Revolving around the character named Damon (originally Soma-Shake-Ar), the posts talk about general Monday blues felt by most working-class people and represented through illustrations of Damon in relevant scenarios.

While this notion contradicts our brand image of efficiency and productivity, it was a concept that clicked well with the audience, we also found that we could let the frustrations of our team in a creative manner, which is why we went ahead with it.

They work with us

Our clientele is as follows:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • ITC Limited
  • Lifestyle
  • Zeiss
  • Myntra
  • Diageo
  • Flipkart
  • Trends
  • Lacoste
  • Kohler
  • Bisleri
  • Bosch

We also serve as third-party vendors to the following agencies:

  • MCI
  • Encompass
  • Emaginations Inc.
  • Evenflow Events
  • DNA
  • GroupM
  • eBlitz Creations

The industry as we foresee

Social Media has been flexible to suit the needs of individuals as well as businesses. At the moment, businesses expand through conversations made through social media.

The Indian Social Media industry is unexpected to be active and vibrant with content. As a business, we are aware of how delicate a message can be to the viewers.

A day without Internet

A majority of communications and research is involved in our line of work. While it doesn’t necessarily affect the R&D department, with their work being essentially offline and practical, the rest of the office folk do face setbacks without access to the web, which affects our timelines accordingly.

Lastly, are you hiring?

At the moment, we are not hiring. However, we are open to working with Unity Developers who are willing to offer their services for our concept development needs.