Agency Feature: DigiDarts


How would you define DigiDarts?

DigiDarts comprises a family of individuals who cultivate the aspects of creativity and technology in order to fuel the agency’s motive of ‘marketing art’. Our up-to-date stances, not only help us derive from the emerging trends but also enable our professional and personal growth.

We, at DigiDarts, entrust our beliefs in the following core values that act as our foundation: Innovation, Growth, Time, and Empathy. We believe, that with changing times, the right amount of innovation paves way for apt performance that in turn, fuels optimum growth – multiplying digital footprints across the globe.

What’s in the name?

When a brand becomes acquainted with DigiDarts, the targets it wishes to achieve become our ambitions and we don’t aim to miss. It’s not ‘YOUR’ brand but rather ‘OUR’ brand – that’s the school of thought we adhere to.

We are thoroughly focused towards the ‘digital’ aspect of the marketing word and the accomplishment of our targets reflect in our vision. Hence, we are DIGIDARTS – motivated to make a mark in the digital world, we are darts en route towards nothing but the ‘Bullseye!’

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What do we do?

Agency-culture is a fun-affair and we love every bit of what we do. You name it, we have it. Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • Media Buying
  • SEO
  • Content & Communication
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • App Store Optimization
  • ORM
  • Website Design
  • CRO

Why we do it?

Our founder, Siddhartha Vanvani, had a vision to revolutionize and redefine India’s agency culture by introducing it to nouveau ways that not only facilitate innovation and creation but also deliver with respect to one’s expectations.

Joining him were individuals who shared a dream – to create, grow, and repeat.

We do it because we want to play ‘progress’ on a loop!

How do we evolve?

  • The inevitable truth is that ‘evolution’ is the key to ‘progress’. Hence, we engage in a plethora of activities that keep us all charged up to take the tasks at hand and make the best out of opportunities we are bestowed with.
  • We unleash our ideas – no matter how quirky or berserk they might appear – we don’t hold back our ideas. Our brainstorming sessions broil with out-of-the-box pitches. As an agency, we favor the vocal, the brave, and the risk-takers – we believe in filtering out the best from swarms of ideas – and then proceed into deeper waters.
  • We compete with the best aspects of ourselves by trying to outdo our own accomplishments. Via well-calculated reports, we assess our progress on a monthly basis and then try to surpass ourselves at our own game.
  • Frequent team meetings are a constant boost for motivation every once in a while, everyone needs to be told – ‘You can do it. We can do it.’ We don’t believe any task to be an individual’s responsibility – we rather bank on ‘Teamwork.’
  • We always have the opportunity to butter our craft and better ourselves with time. Hence, we offer our ‘darts’ online courses that are bound to add to their capabilities. Sharpened skills, never go blunt, but last a lifetime.
  • We don’t want anyone to become as dull as Jack. Hence, at DigiDarts, we host a plethora of activities, games, outings, get-togethers, and other recreational delights that help us to reinvigorate ourselves.

Social responsibility in social media

We believe that working in Social media platforms, ad world, online marketing arena bestow us with power. Hence, owing to the fact that ‘the internet is written in ink’, we keep the responsibilities that come along, in mind.

We respect Data Privacy, online laws and regulations, and especially our ethics in mind before rolling out anything for the entire world to see.

‘Empathy’ is one of our key values – we share it with our fellow darts, our clients, and also our audience. The worldwide web is a vast and diverse place, and though we are adamant to make the best of it, we have always done so in the best manner possible.

The need of the hour

Influencing the thought-process of the masses, molding it accordingly for good, is a dire necessity. At the moment, the marketing world caters to the needs of its audience, by serving them what they desire, sometimes stooping low in the course of due process. As an agency, we believe that the mentioned aspect sells, but does it make an impact? NO.

We aspire to advertise content that not only sells but also changes the tastes of our audience – impactful content with an everlasting effect. That’s what making a mark is all about, everything else just fades out.

We learned the hard way

Progress is never-ending, so it is a success and the zeal to create that helps us to grow.

Achieving all the three aspects is like making your way up an interminable staircase – one thinks he/she has reached the last stair, the top – but there’s a next stair waiting for them. Like another opportunity waiting to be seized.

Did we just share that?

In 2019, our revenue has grown more than 200%, and we are eyeing an annual revenue of 5+ crores in the year 2020.

They work with us

Meesho, India’s largest socio-commerce platform, is one of our clients. Our versatile repertoire of clients comprises Bulbul (another reselling platform), Life & Pursuits (Health & Lifestyle), India Accelerator (Coworking spaces), Kaleerein by Kanika Kumria (Fashion & Wedding) among many others.

The industry as we foresee

Agility is paramount. Hence, those who are agile will definitely grow. Innovation and data-driven performance marketing will lead the way for unbridled success in the industry.

A day without Internet

First comes the hustle and bustle – and if even after innumerable attempts, the internet is still down, we prefer to wait – though not so patiently.

While the internet is down, we prefer to talk about things that are on the internet, grab a munchie, stroll out for a smoke with a hope to discover an entirely different world.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are actively looking for young darts who are passionate about online marketing and dream with their eyes open