Agency Feature: Oliver


Who are we?

We are OLIVER – the inside agency. Our approach is different from most of our counterparts. While others sit away from the clients, we aim to build dedicated agencies inside our clients’ worlds.

This allows us to operate at the speed of our clients’ business, providing better, faster and cheaper work to help drive the business forward.

What’s in the name?

Our manifesto will help shed some light on that:

What do we do?

We currently provide:

Why do we do it?

Digital is moving faster than most industries – and many brands are struggling to keep up due to hidden obstacles, lack of transparency between partners and limited agility.

We want to bridge the gap between brands and agencies in a format that enables both to evolve at a pace never seen before. We do this through our ‘better inside’ model.

Better inside isn’t just good for the brand’s business, it also builds transparency and empathy, ultimately building trust and commitment.

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How do we evolve?

In the agency evolution curve, being on-site is already a few steps ahead – and being on-site allows us the flexibility to evolve with businesses. Moreover, being part of a globally connected organization, access to off-site expertise is readily available through our integrated communications systems.

Active sharing between global onsite and offsite experts enables us to partner with brands, ensuring that they are able to tap into trends before most other industry experts.

Social responsibility in social media

Many organizations want to build stronger consumer connections, but we are noticing brands evolving into purpose-led marketing as a business definition rather than a marcomms checkpoint. The idea is to help the end-customers make spending decisions that are in line with their personal ethics.

The brands we work with in India are market leaders in purpose-led marketing. In fact – one of our largest accounts in India was recently named the Purpose Led company of the year by Business World for setting the agenda and leading the ‘purpose’ conversations in India.

The need of the hour

The need of the hour is agility and responsiveness through inside expertise. OLIVER builds these in-house agencies and equips them with global knowledge to deliver quality work, on time and on-brand. We call this inside intelligence.

We learned the hard way

Evolving with brands is the key to successful mobility through digital transformation. The emergence of the on-site agency is the first proof point of this very statement. Without this reformist mentality, we will be forcing ourselves and our clients into regressive marketing standards.

Did we just share that?

Being onsite and immersed has multiple opportunities for amusing brand experiences. From briefings over chai breaks to groundbreaking campaign ideas emerging over a casual stroll across the campus – the lack of any barriers between brand and agency has proven effective through unconventional touchpoints as much as conventional.

They work with us

Our global client list is available here.

The industry as we foresee

There has been a noticeable change towards agencies, especially digital agencies in India. Brands have been growing their ‘inhouse expertise’ via digital managers and onsite creatives to equip themselves for lower-cost solutions and agility due to the pace of the digital industry.

This structure, however, does have its own drawbacks due to limited flexibility, limited exposure to creativity not to mention limited recruitment, training and retention facilities for this particular field.

That’s where OLIVER comes into the picture.

A day without Internet

A day without the internet would be the day we all work the hardest while connecting the most.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic young digital experts who want to ride the wave of change towards inside intelligence.