Agency Feature: White Rabbit Content

White Rabbit Content

Who are we?

White Rabbit Content is a boutique digital agency with a core focus on creative content solutions across e-learning and digital marketing, founded by Meghaa Shah and Varun Olimattel. Their team of Instructional Designers and digital content specialists are digital natives who are passionate about content, marketing, and tech. Their goal is to create the right mix using various formats of these three pillars.

They’re also on a journey of discovery of the possibilities that the intersection of e-learning and social media offers.

What’s in the name?

The firm’s name draws inspiration from the Alice in Wonderland story. For two reasons:

  • Magic and wonder are at the heart of this great story. Ultimately it’s about creating magical stories that people are drawn to.
  • In the story, Alice constantly questions whether her visions are real or not. From the rabbit to the Mad Hatter, everything seems unreal. But, despite all doubts, she takes the plunge and goes with her gut only to discover her true potential.

The story reflects their approach. They celebrate ideas, even in its fledgling state but through questions, refine those ideas into actionable options and follow their gut when they’re dealing with the problem of plenty.

What do we do?

They have two business verticals – eLearning & Digital Marketing.

Under eLearning, they provide solutions across Custom eLearning, Game-based Scenario & Gamification, Scenario-based Learning, Microlearning, Instructor-led Training, Explainer Videos, and Quizzes & Assessments. They do this for K-12 as well as the adult learner segment (Corporates, Professionals, etc.).

Under Digital, they offer a suite of services across Strategy, Content Development and Marketing, Creative Design, Social Media, Search, and Analytics for customers either looking to begin their online journey or enhance an existing online presence.

The founders and the entire team bring an affluent level of understanding of e-learning and digital media. So, while they position themselves as content specialists, they’re able to advise and deliver end-to-end content solutions to clients.

Why we do it?

Both the founders had an attraction towards education and learning and had been a part of different spaces of eLearning and Digital.

In their separate professional journeys over the years, they observed typical challenges with their client engagements repeat over and over again. Some of them are:

  • Overall inability to articulate the brief accurately – to the internal and/or external audience
  • Absence of a support system to help clients devise a plan to use their proprietary raw content in a suitable manner,
  • The inability of service providers and agencies to match client need to the right framework or solution,
  • An absence of the utmost level of care with regards to output, servicing and communication (written and verbal)

The founders decided to pool resources and join forces since they were both in the content business albeit in different areas.

Lastly, they wanted to create content that reimagines the way people learn anything.

How we evolve?

  • Extensive research – on the latest platforms, tech, trends, frameworks, tools, applications, etc.,
  • Proactive networking – with our peers from across the industry through online and offline channels,
  • Exhaustive discussions – with our team on ‘What’s New’ and the applicability of new concepts to existing and potential client engagements,
  • Monthly/Quarterly debates – on what worked, what didn’t and what more we need to be doing to sharpen focus.

Social responsibility in social media

They exercise restraint when it comes to participating in controversy.

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The need of the hour

  • Social Media is a powerful tool. And they think we must exercise restraint and use it responsibly. Collectively, brands and customers must act with a sense of community and not with a sense of one-up-man-ship. They believe our social behavior (online and offline) must reflect empathy.
  • Measures aimed at creating a mentoring system for potential creators.
  • They believe a lot more needs to be done to protect freelancers, individual consultants, and small to medium agencies. There’s a need to educate newbies on non-compete clauses in contracts. There should be a community or some sort of collective that stands up and fights against companies that try to limit the job opportunities of freelancers and agencies.

We learned the hard way

  • Prepare for every outcome – good, great, bad, worst possible. Use brainstorming sessions to talk about ideas and frameworks to address challenging situations.
  • Set up an internal think-tank that goes into troubleshooting mode when the situation demands it. This way you can spot an impending situation well before it unravels into something big. It’s also a great way to also allow employees to contribute to something outside of their defined JD.
  • Set expectations off the bat.
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and accurately.

Did we just share that?

Once, a client expected them to fund their paid media activities! Another memorable one involved a potential client who called in to ask the price of a viral video!

They work with us

Their clients are from both B2B and B2C segments and across sectors – Financial Services, Tax & Accounting, B2B Office Automation, Cyber Security, Ed-tech, Hospitality, e-commerce and more.

The industry as we foresee

They reckon the big thing to look out for is Community. Content creators, brands, product and service companies, tech – old and new, will drive the creation and growth of platforms and conversations to instill a sense of community.

A day without Internet

A day or two could be a good thing. Even if you are deeply passionate about SM, it’s healthy to unplug once in a while. It’s important to be balanced – family life, personal hobbies, and some Me-time should not be forgotten.

Lastly, are you hiring?

They’re always on the hunt for enterprising people across Content Writing, Design, Video Animation, Digital Strategy, and Social Media. Interested folks can write to them on with their resumes.