#HappyTweets: Twitter launches positivity campaign ft Anushka Sharma

Twitter #HappyTweets

#HappyTweets is an initiative that aims to highlight how people use Twitter to have happy, positive conversations and share their joy with others using tweets.

Working with Twitter India, actor Anushka Sharma has kick-started a campaign to encourage positivity, kindness, and inclusivity on the platform. The actor-platform duo is hoping to inspire audiences to use Twitter to talk about positive moments, thoughts and experiences, with #HappyTweets. They are essentially nudging people to share happy experiences in tweets.

The actor, who has been spearheading #LoveAndLightProject to spread happiness and highlight acts of goodness, has associated with the platform to encourage dialogue that focusses on responsible conversations.

Sharma launched the campaign with a tweet, sharing the customised #HappyTweets emoji, nudging people to share tales that make them smile, tweets that make them happy, on Twitter. Some of the best #HappyTweets shared by audiences will be featured in the actor’s next video.

Earlier in August this year, Sharma has posted her first #HappyTweets video, where she had shared some joy-filled, loving tweets put up by various people on the micro-blogging platform. As part of the campaign, more of such videos will be shared by her in the coming future.

Speaking about the partnership, Anushka Sharma said, “The #LoveAndLightProject is aimed at spreading all good things on the internet. I’m delighted that Twitter has partnered with #LoveAndLightProject to spread internet positivity.”

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“The emoji that is being launched by me stands for the undying human spirit of goodness and is a call to action for all internet users to use social media to bring the world closer, unite rather than divide and facilitate an exchange of thoughts, beliefs, cultures and ideas through collaborations. I have always believed that through positivity and positive affirmations, the world will be a better place and our collaboration intends to bring focus to this constructive philosophy of life,” she added.

Talking about this partnership, Manish Maheshwari, Twitter India MD, said, “#HappyTweets is very important to Twitter. We want to continue to encourage and foster positive dialogue on our service. We are constantly amazed by the creative, positive ways people use Twitter. This initiative started by Anushka aligned with our core values and hence we collaborated to work together towards our shared vision of making the platform a happier place.” 

Twitter believes the free expression is a human right, and yet while everyone has a voice and a right to use it, people should feel safe expressing their unique points of view. Today, 50% of the abusive content that Twitter takes action on is identified proactively using technology, instead of relying on reports from people using Twitter, the platform says.