I want women to realize that fitness can be a part of daily routine: Anwesha Mukherjee

Anwesha Mukherjee

Anwesha Mukherjee shares easy and relatable tips on fitness and beauty through her channel – SimpleTipsAnwesha. Pursuing a Ph.D. from JNU, the influencer takes us through her journey.

Being nominated amongst the ‘Top 10 Fitness Influencers of India, 2018’ by YouTube, Anwesha Mukherjee has a dedicated blog to fitness, beauty, and lifestyle.

A look at her journey…

Who am I?

I am Anwesha Mukherjee, a 29-year-old woman who is a social media influencer/YouTuber. My channel ‘SimpleTips Anwesha’ which has now almost 5 lakh subscribers delivers content on fitness, beauty & lifestyle. I have been nominated as the ‘Top 10 Fitness Influencers of India, 2018’ by Youtube, India.

Along with this, I am also pursuing my Ph.D. (final year) from JNU, New Delhi. I recently quit my job to pursue Youtube as a full-time career.

Our journey

I started my channel 3 years back at a time when I was not at all doing well professionally & physically and was extremely clueless.

My husband was in Dubai and there, I used to watch several women create amazing relatable content on youtube. I got inspired by many and thought that even I can share my tips and tricks with others on the internet. Hence, the channel started.

Our family

I manage the YouTube channel single-handedly but my husband’s contribution is immense since it gets very exhausting to do everything all alone. So he helps me in dealing with brands and business and also with shooting content at times.

What’s in the name?

‘SimpleTips Anwesha’ means sharing very easy, simple, relatable & practical tips that every person can use daily to improve their lives.

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Our mission statement

My purpose on YouTube has been clear from the day I started sharing my PCOD transformation journey – to help and make as many women aware of their fitness (mental & physical).

In India, especially, women, tend to ignore their health and always prioritize their family over others.

I believe self prioritizing or focusing on oneself is not being selfish. It is SELF-LOVE.

We create content for?

It is for anybody who wants to improve his/her life and get fitter. Mostly my TG is women (70-75%) within the age group of 18 to 45 years of age.

We work with…

As a content creator, I have had the opportunity to work with several amazing brands as listed here: Samsung, Olay India, Whisper India, Healthkart, Tata Motors, VLCC, Head & Shoulders, and so on.

We are proud of

I am proud of my content on ‘My PCOD weight loss transformation journey’ and my content on “Women’s hygiene hacks’, amongst many others.

The first one is my personal story and struggles with the disease and how I fought it every day with determination and consistency. I do not use jargon or fancy items to get into fitness. I focus on normal everyday active lifestyle to cure health issues.

Since, most women are extremely busy with their daily chores, families, jobs, I want women to realize that fitness can be a part of your daily routine same as brushing your teeth and should not be seen as something external that you need to embrace out of your way.

The other content on women’s hygiene hacks needs to be spoken out loud since not many talks about this but it is extremely necessary. Just like we take care of our face, hands, our vagina is equally if not more important to be looked after. Hence, I do not shy away from talking about menstrual health and vaginal hygiene. I have also been invited to speak about the ‘menstrual cup’ at a workshop in IMT, Ghaziabad.

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Earlier I never understood the purpose of posting such pics when I saw other fitness bloggers do so.Now I kind of get it.This is a difference of few months. Earlier weight – 49 kgs, the second pic weight is 50 or 50.5 kgs(my current weight) I am obviously flexed in the second pic. The purpose is that in the first pic, I am too thin and too lanky. In second pic, I have gained some more muscle mass. Yes there is difference in training as well. I focus now on more weights and less cardio. Earlier I was doing both equally (cardio a little more) and in turn, not gaining anything. My diet is more or less same like always, just eating in right proportions analysing my own body type. Also listening and reading to several opposing versions of fitness, helps me grow. Anyway, I was happy & fit in the first pic. Happy & fit in the second pic also. This body transformation in this pic does matter a little to me but honestly, not that much. It’s good to have those muscles and bulge but not at the expense of losing my stamina. I have seen many body builders with very less stamina. I want to have a good balance of stamina and strength ??‍♂️ Oh God… such never ending demands ?? I have been often told, don’t do too much cardio, u will lose ur muscles. I have also been told don’t do weights, you will become a man ? I will do whatever the fuck I wanna do ?? I just wanna be fit & happy and not bother about how my body looks any which way ?? So whatever ur body goals are, understand that image is temporary, fitness is permanent ? But my current weight is accurate for me. I should be around 51 or 52 kgs acc to my BMI. The good news is that I have more muscle mass and less body fat, which is awesome :) Yay!! New video on Intermittent Fasting diet is live. Check link in bio . . ? #love #fitness #body #goodmorning #india #girl #instagood #sexy #fitnessmotivation

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Our WTF moment

I was once fired from a renowned educational institute, 2 years ago, since I owned a YouTube channel and produced content on women’s hygiene/vaginal sanitation.

Stay tuned for…

More creative content and collaboration with some other big YouTuber and famous brands (which I am not allowed to disclose at the moment).

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment but yes, as we grow further, I will be looking for interns to help with my content