Brands tell a joke with new trending format

I have a joke trending format

Swerving slightly harder towards the territory of memes, brands participate to create new trending format: I have a joke.

To make a joke on itself or on others is a tricky affair for brands on social media. It is one that most walk with extreme caution. However, this is also an interesting space where they get to bring out their fun side, humanising the communication they put forth on a daily basis. I have a joke is one such trending format where netizens got a taste of the humorous side of the brands they follow.

While JioTV took the opportunity to take a dig at satellite TV, Sbbaro used it to express love for pizza, their prime offering. Cleanipedia highlighted cleaning agents that are often used as home remedies against stains.

Hotstar Premium was able to capture the essence of an iconic show available on their platform by invoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.


Poornima University

Clove Dental




Tata Capital

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Hotstar Premium


Philips Sound

Policy Bazaar


Copa – The Bar

Godrej HIT

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