Case Study: How Godrej LAL Hit reached 3 Mn people through Instagram innovation

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The case study on Godrej LAL Hit's #DiwaliIsComing campaign highlights how the brand used Instagram to make their product a part of the Diwali cleaning routine.

Category Introduction

Godrej LAL Hit is a player in the home insecticide category in India. Insecticide coil holds the largest share of the market. Godrej Consumer Products, with its two brands GoodKnight and Godrej HIT, is the largest player in the home insecticides segment and accounts for the major part of the total market share.

Brand Introduction

Understanding that cockroaches hide in hard to reach places, LAL HIT comes with a ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’ to eliminate the insect. Keeping in mind that cockroaches result in several diseases like food poisoning, LAL HIT aims to empower the users to help them stay healthy by eliminating the disease-causing roaches.


As a part of the initiative, multiple profiles of cockroaches were created on Instagram with interesting names to entice the users. These roach profiles emulated their real-life behavior, to get attracted to food.

Furthermore, the roaches went on a liking and commenting spree on various food pictures shared on Instagram by people. Soon after Instagrammers started receiving strange notifications such as Cockroach_The_Boss liked your photo or Bhukkad Cockroach commented, thereby generating curiosity.  When Instagram users visited the cockroaches’ profile they came across Lal HIT’s messaging in the feed: Apply Lal HIT to stop cockroaches from ruining your Diwali. 

The virtual Instagram cockroach liked and commented across 6,000 food pictures in a week

Problem Statement/Objective


aim of the campaign was to build awareness around the diseases caused by

cockroaches and how LAL HIT is a trusted solution to eliminate the roaches.

LAL HIT through Instagram aimed at reaching out and creating a buzz around the product thereby encouraging people to use the product as a part of their Diwali cleaning routine.


It began with the idea to reach out to households at the time when cleaning for Diwali was in process.

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Creative Idea

Instagrammers love sharing food pictures. Instagrammers also

love food pictures of fellow Instagrammers. This universal love for food is

also mutually shared by the menacing cockroaches in real life. However, roaches

reciprocate this love for food by spreading food poisoning.

Multiple profiles of cockroaches were created on Instagram with interesting names.

Thus, delivering the brand message in a different way by creating a virtual roach infestation on Instagram.


It was

important to find something fun and at the same time informative. As festivals

are not the best time to speak about diseases, the messaging had to be quirky

while also informing the people about what happens to their food behind their


With the traditional media channels slowly fading away, social media was the best way to reach out to the audiences.  


As part of the initiative, multiple profiles of cockroaches were created on Instagram. These roach profiles emulated their real-life behavior on Instagram i.e. to get attracted to food.

Furthermore, the roaches went on a liking and commenting spree on various food pictures shared on Instagram by people.

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The campaign received a response with a reach of 3Mn and an engagement rate of 8%.


Sharing his thoughts on this campaign, Sunil Kataria, CEO - India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, said, “Food and social media are key hooks for drawing people’s attention today. Building on this opportunity, for this campaign we created peculiar messaging to run an awareness drive around roach infestation and getting homes Diwali ready."

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