[Case Study] How XYXXCrew leveraged influencers on Halloween to break the taboo around Underwears

XYXXCrew #NoUnderwearHorrors

The Case Study on the XYXXCrew brand highlights the struggles men face when it comes to underwear through the voice of influencers.

The case study on the #NoUnderwearHorrors by XYXXCrew Innerwear brings to light the ever-persisting taboo around men & underwear. It explores how the brand leverages influencers to spike the engagement for the brand.

Category Introduction

According to a market analysis by Technopak, the market size of the innerwear industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10 percent over the next decade to become Rs 74,258 crore by 2027.

Brand Introduction

XYXXCrew is a brand that designs and manufactures innerwear for men. The brand wants to change the innerwear culture in India, with its quality fabrics and quirky designs. The brand’s social media objective is to create awareness and interest in the brand.


Underwear is a low involvement category and comfort is underrated as people tend to settle for whatever is available. The brand decided to take real-life examples of discomfort and build interesting content around it for Halloween.

Problem Statement/Objective

Brand awareness was the only goal.


The brief that was given to the internal team and our PR agency, Alphabet Media was to leverage the topicality of Halloween to communicate the brand messaging of exceptional comfort. 

Creative Idea

Real stories using real people from different walks of life – from an NBA host to an actor and a musician to a video producer spoke about their worst underwear horror story to bring the plight of consumers to the fore.


  • Underwear is still a taboo conversation.
  • People were shy and afraid of speaking about their underwear woes publicly.

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The brand collaborated with some of the leading lifestyle influencers to bring forth the unspoken issues of Men Underwears. Aiming to reach masses with comfortable inner wears, XYXXCrew attempts to celebrate the promise of #NoUnderwearHorrors.

Apart from teaming up with Andre Borges, the brand also collaborated with other lifestyle influencers like Harman Singha, Anchor & Actor, Kunal Thakur, Actor of Fame – Kabir Singh & Garth D’Mello, Musician to speak on “What Are Men Thinking With Everyday Underwear Issues?”.

These influencers further stated their issues of comfort for travelers, chafing due to workouts, fabric rashes, size issues, teeth marks and durability, inspiring individuals to speak up about the underwear issues, which is still a taboo amongst them.

Social Media platforms:



  • 45% increase in unique visits to the website
  • 30% spike in brand website sales


Only with the IGTV and Instagram posting, the engagement on the brand page saw an 80% jump and the page garnered 600 new followers. The campaign gave the brand a facelift.


Yogesh Kabra, Founder, XYXX Apparels said, “From the time of inception of XYXX, I was hoping to bring to light the struggles men face when it comes to bad, boring underwear in an entertaining, memorable manner. The extremely talented Andre Borges, Kunal Thakur and co highlight not just the horrors of wearing bad underwear but also drive home the brand promise of unconditional comfort, beautifully through this campaign”.