Facebook broadens targeting restrictions Civil Rights Audit

Facebook targeting

Facebook has expanded the enforcement that imposes target restrictions across all the tools businesses used to buy ads.

Facebook reached a settlement with civil rights organizations in June 2019 and restricted targeting options post that.

As a part of their Civil Rights Audit, they introduced new ad-buying processes for how advertisers based in the US, or trying to reach audiences in the US, can buy ads that offer housing, employment or credit opportunities.

This enforcement has been expanded to all tools businesses use to buy ads.

Housing Opportunities in the Ad Library

Users will be able to search for and view all active housing opportunity ads targeted at the US that started running – or were edited – on or after December 4, 2019, regardless of whether they were in the advertiser’s intended audience.

Users will be able to search the housing ad section by the name of the Page running an ad or the city or state to which the ad is targeted.

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In the next year, Facebook will also include ads that offer employment or credit opportunities in the Ad Library.

Special Ad Categories Enforced on All Ad Buying Platforms

In August, Facebook announced that advertisers must use the new process with restricted targeting options to buy ads that offer housing, employment, or credit opportunities and began enforcement in Ads Manager.

Starting tomorrow, the platform will begin enforcement across all of the tools businesses use to buy ads, including Ads Manager App, Instagram Promote, the Marketing API and ads created from Facebook Page.

You can also visit Advertiser Help Center to learn more about housing, employment and credit ads. You can also view the updated policy on Discriminatory Practices.


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