How Mercedes Benz lights up Christmas year after year

Chayanika Roy
Dec 24, 2019 13:06 IST
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How Mercedes Benz lights up Christmas year after year

Mercedes Christmas campaigns magnify holiday season with class and sentiments.

Mercedes Christmas campaigns bring the brand image alive with premium and classy ads that successfully portray product features. The brand creates campaigns that actually captivate customers, evoke emotions, promote sharing, and reunite loved ones.

The factors forged into the foundation of Mercedes Christmas Campaigns are – music, aesthetics, comedy, product features, class, and creativity.


The background score used in the commercials enhance the key message and positively arouse consumer's sentiments. With Christmas bells and chimes, the arrival of the season is announced thus complementing the campaign. The variations in the ads films are synced with the beats of the music to give intense effect.


The more the aesthetics in the commercial, the more stylistic and appealing it becomes. Mercedes uses this factor accurately by using Christmas decorations which makes the ad visually strong and appealing.

Product Features

All Mercedes Christmas campaigns highlight the master designing and features of the car, emphasizing on technical features. The ads bring out the ultimate performance, comfort and speed of the car.


Sticking to its brand image, the commercials bring out luxury. The ads portray the intense desire of wanting to own the car and how other things may not be that interesting in front of it. A strong message with "for those who never compromise" highlights that owing a Mercedes car is the ultimate desire in life.

Comedy and Creativity

Appropriate humour and entertainment in the conversation between Santa and the kid have maximised the effectiveness of advertising. The perfect blend of comedy with the wow factor is strong enough to create an intense longlasting desire and the will to achieve it.

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