#SamosaTalks Neha Ahuja simplifies Spotify India marketing strategy

Neha Ahuja

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Neha Ahuja, Head of Marketing, Spotify takes us through the saga and evolution of social media marketing, in-line with new-age platforms.

“When we work on the marketing mix, it is built very holistically,” says Spotify’s Neha Ahuja. Believing in a sublime yet energetic working environment, the industry leader shares tips on marketing on digital and various channels in the fast-paced social arena.

In the context of social media spearheading awareness and aspiration for Spotify in the new market, she explains that every medium has a role to play. Ahuja states that they leveraged social media in the past and believe in the power of social media to building brand engagement and eventually building a love for the brand.

Shedding light on popular campaigns such as ‘There’s A Playlist For That’ starring Anil Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar, and the relevance of the right marketing mix she postulates the three factors to keep in mind before finalizing any content-

  • Sticking to consumer insight.
  • Playing to the cultural nuances
  • The tonality of the brand is aspirational that needs to be maintained.

Ahuja elaborates further that, “The process wasn’t casting back but to keep the above pillars in mind and bring it alive in the form of a TVC”.

Similarly, she points out that another campaign ‘Snapchat Lens’ during Diwali was more based on moment marketing during the festival.

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“So, there can be different objectives for both the campaigns but it’s important to stay relevant to a wider audience”, she exclaims.

When questioned on how to genuinely measure the impact and the success of campaigns, Ahuja mentions that it boils down to the business metrics and the brand metrics.

“It’s essential to observe if we are moving towards being the most loved brand or not”, she promptly highlights.

Ahuja further shared that the top trends to leverage to stand out on the road to 2020 would be, Lifecycle Marketing, Martech Tools, and the power of simplicity for campaigns. She explained that it is extremely important to leverage marketing tools for the brand to be on the toes for the consumers.

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