Shivani Shivaji Roy leads Mardaani 2 marketing strategy too

Mardaani 2

Marking her return with the hard-hitting action-thriller post-pregnancy, Rani Mukerji is all set to reprise her role as Shivani Shivaji Roy. A look at how Mardaani 2 marketing strategy reflects this feat.

Set in the backdrops of Kota, Shivani Roy sets on another mystery in the 2019 movie, a sequel to Mardaani released in 2014.

While Rani Mukerjee dons the hat of the fearless & fierce cop to battle it out with a remorseless serial-killer enacted by Vishal Jethwa, we take a glance at Mardani 2 marketing strategy across the digital-verse.

[BTS] ‘Queen of hearts’ kickstarts the Shoot

After the official announcement of Mardaani 2

To be reprised by Rani Mukerji, the movie-makers share various BTS moments as the ‘queen of hearts’.

Bonding with the crew

Meet Shivani Shivaji Roy

Mardaani in 2014 garnered appreciation from all quarters and so has Inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy. This year as well, the movie makers released the first-look of Rani Mukerji reprising the role of the bold cop on the path of another mission.

Buzzing the trailer

Mardaani 2 teasers were launched with marketers attempting to leverage the buzz around a daredevil cop, Roy back to pick up where she left!

Glimpse of the Trailer

As promised, YRF released the trailer soon after the pre-buzz via the teasers. It depicted how Roy is haunted by the rapes and murders of young women by a ferocious criminal.

The World of Mardaani – 2

Another behind-the-screen footage was released showcasing what went through the making of the hard-hitting, Mardaani-2 after the trailer-launch.

Kota lashes out…

Soon after the release of the Mardaani 2 trailer, Kota lashed out with allegations of tarnishing the image of the city and appealed to remove its name. As per News18 and press-releases on other platforms, Kota is identified as an educational city and connecting it to crime maligns its image. This began with the trailer where it depicted- ‘Incidents based on true events’ whereas no such criminal ever existed in the city as per a lawyer handling the case mentioned in the report.

The makers explained the issue and even the lead actor responded to the appeal.

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Trending at number 1

Despite the furor, the Trailer was observed to be trending at number#1 on Youtube.

Poster alert!

A series of posters were released on social media platforms with Rani Mukerji as the brave cop.

Ditching the traditional route of promotions through songs

YRF scrapped the promotional song to keep ‘the sanctity of the message’ that the movie wants to convey.

As per a report, Mukerji said, “Mardaani is an entertaining thriller but at its core, it is seeking to give a strong social message on the rise of violent crimes on women that are being committed by juveniles in our country.”

“We wanted to protect the sanctity of our message and not do any marketing gimmicks like shoot a promotional song just to get more conversations and more eyeballs. We felt this would be counterproductive to what we wanted to achieve,” Rani added.

Questioning the societal norms…

With a hashtag, #SheWontStop, to support the social cause in an impactful manner, marketers posted a series of fitting and critical questions to the society & on its mindset.

Collaborations with various shows

Mukerjee was seen on a promotion spree with popular collaborations on various shows setting social media buzzing with delight!

Food food channel

Bong connect- Dadagiri!

Chulbul Pandey and Mardaani at the Big Boss House!

9XM- The Bakwas Show

Rani hustled with the popular ‘Bade and Chhote’ animated characters on 9XM. In a light-hearted way, the actor commanded and attempted to strengthen the female power in alignment with her movie character.

The trio- Mukerjee, Bade and Chhote enthralled the audience with their antics.

POPXO Bangla

Going Live on Facebook

Taking the interactivity, a notch-higher, Mukerjee took the reins with a one-on-one conversation with the audience through Facebook Live.

Reminder alert: Join #RaniMukerji for a fun FB Live Chat TODAY at 3 PM on #Mardaani2 in cinemas on 13th December. #GopiPuthran | #SheWontStop | Mardaani 2

Posted by YRF – Yash Raj Films on Monday, 9 December 2019

When Mardaani meets the ‘Cops-In Action’

In an attempt to get a better understanding and witness the action first-hand, Rani meets the female night-patrols. This goes in line with the theme of Mardaani2 who very much like the valiant females, was set on undaunted tasks without caring for her own life.

Discussing cyber-crime- right at the headquarters

Mukerjee didn’t leave a stone unturned and reached the cyber-crime department. She interacted with the authorities and discussed issues pertaining to the topic.

Meeting the traffic police

The lead actor hit the streets to watch the traffic police inspectors in live-action.

Face-to-Face with the Supercop

With respect for the work they do, Rani Mukerji went on to meeting Archana Tyagi, the valiant leader and Additional Director General of Police, also the Chief of Maharashtra S.R.P.F.

Contest alert

Many multiplexes promoted the awaited movie with contests. The INOX campaigns caught our lenses.

INOX campaigns-

Describe in Mardaani in 3 words

Tag the Mardaani of your group


Leveraging the tagline describing the mettle of Shivani Roy and conveying the message, the makers share ‘She Won’t Stop’ posts on social media.

The sequel seems to have most of the ingredients of a box-office success- a merciless killer, mystery and thrill, a glaring issue prevalent since long and Rani Mukerjee as the Cop on the hunt…The marketers aimed to capture this key theme revolving around the initiatives. But are these sufficient enough to get the blockbuster numbers soaring to break the records of the previous success? Let’s wait and watch.

Promo: Mardaani 2 | Releasing on 13th December

Get ready as the chase is going to be a thrilling one. #Mardaani2 releasing on December 13th. #RaniMukerji | #SheWontStop | #GopiPuthran | YRF – Yash Raj Films

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