Spooky brand creatives stop thumbs this Friday the 13th

Spooky Brand Creatives

Every once in a while, Fridays fall on the 13th of a month. This December, brands brought out their eerie side with spooky brand creatives.

Leveraging a supposed unlucky day, brands took on themselves the task to wish their followers with spooky brand creatives. Most brands used the narrative of how their products and services can help people stay safe and sound. One of the brands in the mix, Bajaj Allianz brought in an interesting element by translating 13th to Tera, in Hindi, warning people against the perils of driving without a helmet.

Taking the easy way out (or not), Burger King went ahead with a simple post, saying: Our designers said it’s bad luck to work on #FridayThe13th. So we just used an Instagram filter. Sofa Company played along with one of the most common saying around Mondays in their copy: Friday the 13th is still better than Monday the whatever.

Bajaj Allianz

Burger King India

Mother Dairy


Sofa Company


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KFC India

Warner Bros. India

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TGIF? Think Again. This #FridayThe13th, stay safe.

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