Topical Spot: Onion prices surge creatives

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Topical Spot: Onion prices surge creatives

As the price of kitchen stable surges, the woes of consumers have taken the form of memes. Netizens are flooding jokes on onion prices #OnionPrices brand posts have started chiming in too.

The extortionate prices of onions are making people teary-eyes across India. The rise in onion prices has affected Indian households time and again. From Rs 60/kg in September, the price of onions has increased to almost Rs 160/ kg – in some states.

The hike in onion prices is a hot topic in the country and it has become forage for debates, discourse, and memes.

Social media has been abuzz with memes accentuating the reactions of common people to the situation. Brands are showing their witty side and taking a hilarious turn on the rise in onion prices.

Every brand tried its bit to leave the consumers in a split of laughter during these tough times.

Orient Bell

Godfather Zone

Six Fields

Policy Bazaar

Arre India


Jio TV



Trident Group

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You sob, we absorb! #TridentTowels #OnionPrices

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Forbes India


Square Yards


Stuff India


Bombay Shaving Company

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