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YouTube copyright claims

YouTube Studio added new features and tools called Copyright Strike Info to aid creators in dealing with copyright claims.

One of the new features launched to deal with YouTube copyright claims is Copyright Strike Info on your YouTube Studio Dashboard will show creators which videos were removed, who submitted the copyright takedown notice, and actions they can take to resolve the strike.

The feature will also provide the specific description provided by the claimant in the takedown notice. If it is not available on the Dashboard, you have an option to contact the YouTube copyright team for a copy of the takedown notice.

YouTube copyright claims

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The new claim editing tool called Assisted Trim will let creators trim out copyrighted content claimed by Content ID in their video which releases the claim.

The endpoints of the edit are pre-set according to the copyright claims. The platform is working on adjustable endpoints. Although, if you use the tool at present, trimming out claimed parts might compromise the quality and continuity of the video and also affect the viewer experience.

YouTube copyright claims

Copyright claims, a filter in the Videos page will show you which videos have been impacted by Copyright strikes or Content ID claims.

YouTube has also added a new column - Restrictions on the Videos page that provides a more defined entry point for finding details about copyright issues.

YouTube copyright claims
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