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Design Pinata

How do we define Design Piñata?

We started in 2009 when the idea of a boutique design studio was still very new, but the need of the hour in Kolkata. What began as a team of two in the heart of Kolkata is now a thriving space for content writers, designers, and illustrators, led by founder and creative director Avanti Phumbhra.

What's in the name?

The gamut of work we have taken on over the years is as varied and surprising as what you might find inside a Piñata. It also symbolizes the way we work with our clients, cracking open each project to find the sweet solution. Hence, the name Design Piñata.

What do we do?

We are flexible to the clients' needs and take up any project that's interesting enough. We have designed for everything from garment collections to awards ceremonies. Applying our creative vision to services like photoshoots and space design always has interesting results.

Industries we have worked in: F&B, FMCG, Hospitality, Textile, Mining, Tea, Renewable Energy, Fashion, Event, Organization, Leather, Gallery, Education, Tableware, Healthcare, Finance and Retail.

Why we do it?


working with big design agencies, we felt the need for an agency that nurtured

the talent and passion of Kolkata artists. Having an eye for design means we

are able to translate this in a digital sense, at a time when good design is

really needed.


we evolve?

We always try to include new technology in our designs, recently experimenting with Augmented Reality for the launch exhibit of Vasundhara's art jewellery line — An Interaction. We keep up to date with print and digital formats and encourage dialogue — being immersed in art is often the best way to come up with original ideas.

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Social responsibility in social media

Words have weight. As creative people, we have a responsibility with the messages we put out into the world. Especially dealing with communications, sensitivity is key.

The need of the hour

There's a fine line between inspiration and

imitation. We urge artists to understand and respect this line. We also try to

reach out to studios who do good work to warn them against undervaluing their

services. And of course, we hope to put an end to free pitches! No one should

have their talent exploited.

In terms of social media, sites are making it harder for genuine work to get organic reach. The current solution is just being on the ball with changing trends.

We learned the hard way

We expect clients to respect our work and

time as much as we respect theirs. A healthy client relationship always makes

the end product more meaningful, and the project a success.

Also don't disregard the old school tips,

stay curious and think out of the box. If you lose sight of the bigger picture,

you miss out on solutions that are right in front of you


work with us

Johnson & Johnson, Anmol, Spencer's, Vasundhara: Creative Jewelry, Stylefile, and Aparajita Awards are among our client lists for Design Pinata.

The industry as we foresee

The volume of users is consistently expanding. That is only expected to continue in the next few years. Our country already creates content up to global par, we foresee an upward trajectory in this respect.

A day without Internet

On the contrary, being disconnected for a day

would be a breath of fresh air! We would probably take a break, and come back

with better ideas the next day.


are you hiring?

Yes! We are currently hiring graphic

designers and illustrators.

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