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do we define Madchatter?

Madchatter Brand Solutions is a public relations firm that works with emerging businesses from across the world, to support their media relations and communication needs in India. We help startups find their right footing in the media landscape, where they are able to reach out to their relevant audiences in a crisp and targeted way.

The agency started in 2017 and now works with organizations across industries like blockchain, AI, IoT, ad-tech, fintech, health-tech, digital marketing, advertising, branding, and even digital content creators.

The idea of Madchatter Brand Solutions started when Rachna Baruah, the founder of the organization, analyzed that most PR firms eventually slow down owing to their structure, protocols, and hierarchy, which results in sluggish delivery for clients. To bridge the gap between high-quality delivery and the time taken to achieve that delivery, she started Madchatter Brand Solutions which currently operates from Mumbai in India.

Currently, Madchatter Brand Solutions has a team of 10 including PR, Talent Management and Content.

What's in the name?


idea behind naming the company Madchatter came from the fact that we wanted to

showcase the energy and culture behind the team. Our team is young, PR is a mad

business and we ought to ace the art of chattering away sense and reason till

our clients’ objectives are met.


the name is very quirky, our branding has been always minimalistic with a

palette of black and white. We wanted that to reflect the quality of services

that we deliver, and keep the focus on the work rather than jazzy, over the top


What do we do?

Madchatter Brand Solutions started as a PR firm in 2017, that quickly expanded services into content and social media. In 2019, we launched our talent management wing which caters to rising influencers, content creators. The idea is to be symbiotic and grow together.

Why we do it?

We wanted to change the way PR is seen among key stakeholders, whether they are brands or journalists. We are fast in the way we service our clients and are compartmentalized to a certain set of tools or delivery. We focus on what our client’s need and deliver on the basis of that

How do we evolve?

Our founder, Rachna Baruah reads about 25 books every year. From business, brands to fiction and research journals, she is constantly chewing on some information on the other. Her insights on upcoming trends and the deep focus on client industry research help us understand upcoming news waves and ride them with good story angles.

Social responsibility in social media

A brand’s social media should reflect who they truly are. If your idea of design and interaction is minimalistic, your branding and social media should reflect that. If you like jazzy creations and vibe on a Coldplay level of theatrics, then you should be able to reflect that using social media.

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The need of the hour

What a brand chooses to say or not say talks a lot. Social responsibility in 2020 is all about standing up for the right issues, while also ensuring there are peace, authenticity, and transparency in the way they communicate.

We learned the hard way


be a shark hunting for new business. A business is built on authenticity,

relationships and good work. If your work is good, the word travels and soon

enough you don’t even need to knock on doors or cold-call. Focus those energies

on building lasting relationships with people instead.


we just share that?


client once wanted us to manage their global PR without the help of any local

freelancers in those countries, at the rates that we offer for India! We pretty

much swallowed our amusement and smiled.


work with us


have worked with several international brands like Safari Kid, MonetaGo,

XinFin, Deep Aero Drones, POKKT, as well as amazing Indian startups that are

killing it in their spaces – mCanvas, Invoicemart, Mindhour, RXIL, Blink

Digital, Litmus Branding, etc.


recently also worked with an Emmy winning musician.

The industry as we foresee

Social media is going to soon be all about user-generated video content.

A day without Internet

A day without internet in PR would probably mean a panic attack at our office. PR and social media are all about being connected.


are you hiring?


are looking for a PR Executive (1-2 years’ experience) and a PR Manager (2-3

years) to join our team in Mumbai.

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