Agency Feature: Openspace

Openspace agency feature

How do we define Openspace?

Openspace is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency. One can think of it as an open space of ideas, imagination, insight, experience, expertise, and ambition. In its 5th year, the agency is a talented, close-knit team of 10 individuals possessing the right attitude to collaborate and realign brands with new spaces.

We identify ourselves as “corporate storytellers” and believe in enabling new experiences to build brand communities and educating brands on how they ought to conduct themselves in the 21st century.

What’s in the name?

We aspire to paint limitless possibilities for a brand, only because we are committed to telling your brand’s story better at Openspace Advertising

This is exactly what we thought when we gave our company its name and logo.

What do we do?

We do the following:

  • Brand & Business Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Design & Identity
  • Social Content Production
  • Website Development
  • Research & Analytics

Why we do it?

We found a gap. Between businesses/brands and the changing dynamics of branding. We pursue not only creativity or strategy in isolation but also aim to offer the best of both so that the client becomes a benefactor. We help them reach out, and somehow that has its own high for us!

How we evolve?

Since we’re a small team of ten, peer learning comes easily and naturally. We share the latest campaigns with each other, voice out our opinions about what could’ve been and how thoughtfully it has been done.

This helps us to gain a different perspective on what we can bring to the table for our clients. Constant learning, thirst for knowledge and curiosity are a few things we encourage as well as inculcate in our team.

Researching the latest trends in the industry for each specific service we offer, and sharing interesting snippets with all the members of the team is a practice we have instilled.

Social responsibility in social media

As our agency that communicates a brand’s message across various forums on a daily basis, our responsibility would be to take proper care to convey the correct message without any misguided facts or alternate reality.

We feel our influence as a communications agency should not be misused and therefore encourage transparency.

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The need of the hour

Educating our clients about the different mediums and modes of promotion and advertising is something we aim to achieve. In this multifaceted digital world, the need for clarity is important, which enables us to understand the unique features each digital platform can provide us and the distinctive role it can play for the promotion of a brand. One size doesn’t fit all is a mantra that needs to come to a realization.

We learned the hard way

The only tip would be: working for the sake of it, will limit one’s potential. So, never do that!

When people work towards a common goal of creating something absolutely fantastic, something that will definitely work and connect with the client’s audience, that’s when the true beauty of branding will unravel itself to you.

Did we just share that?

One of the most common things that we hear is “Make the Logo Bigger”. The client’s need to make the company logo visible from a distance is something they really cherish.

They work with us

  • Zing Deodorant
  • Galalite Screens
  • Lumina Screens
  • BigCine Expo
  • Penworkers
  • Intercont+
  • Asian Town
  • Gold Cinema
  • Toshiba (MENA)
  • Safety & Security Centre, Tanzania
  • AFP
  • Foodies Hospitality

The industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media industry will be more aware in the coming years. From business owners to communicators like us and even consumers.

Give or take a few years, we also foresee that the advertising costs on SMM platforms will rise, not as much as traditional mediums of promotions, but still a little higher than it is now. While this could be a baseless argument or logic, but the way things are going with a Sponsored post after every other post, SMM platforms will have to do something about the consumers that are going on a digital detox.

They will have to either reduce the no. of ads, increasing the cost, or will have to find out different ways to attract them like an ad-free subscription like Spotify.

A day without Internet

At first, a day without the internet would seem like our first fears coming true, keeping in mind the all-time deadly deadlines. But after a hot cuppa when everyone has let the reality of a no-internet-day to sink in, we get going.

From resorting to sketching ideas, themes, and layouts to referring to some of the best design and industry-related books stocked up in-house, we race our minds to accomplish the mission!

Lastly, are you hiring?


  • Copywriter / Content Writer (Mumbai, IN)
  • Visualizer / Graphic Designer (Mumbai, IN)