Agency Feature: Popupster


How do we define Popupster?

Popupster is a next-generation ad agency committed to helping customers to harness the power of Social Media to achieve business goals. Our values are centered on doing what’s right for our clients. That means creating something that respects and rewards, both.

For our clients, we aim to be like a strategic partner who goes above and beyond to understand the business and the marketplace.

What’s in the name?

Pop-Up has many meanings but it is all similar. Pop up is something which appears suddenly and is very attractive. Our marketing strategy is similar to our Agency’s name. Popupster meaning a person who helps you Pop-up your business. The name is singular because the whole company has only one employee aka the boss.

What do we do?

We offer a fully integrated approach to digital marketing, with all the services you need under one roof. A background in social media marketing and a heavy focus on conversions ensures we get the best outcomes for clients.

Our mission is to create tailored-fit solutions for the businesses by unlocking the power of digitally-driven services with a tangible impact on the revenues of our clients every month and every year.

Why we do it?

Marketing is our passion, when we decided to merge Social Media to it, the result was staggering. Our way of doing things is much different than any other social media agency. Every simple slide will have a dual meaning which highlights social media engagement and branding.

How we evolve?

We started on 1st April 2017 and our first project was Karnataka Premier League. That was the turning point as we got an engagement of over 1.5 crores within the span of 10 days with viewership spiking to a great extent.

Popupster also believes in using the latest technology and during KPL 2017, we used a 360 degrees live camera for the first time in Indian Cricket. We were also covered on various News Papers. The evolution was easy from there as our name reached many places for many achievements. Our clients love the ideas, designs, and content we present, therefore, they introduce us to many more clients.

Social responsibility in social media

Popupster believes in a fair game that is the reason we promote a pub saying “Stay Alive for another drink, take a cab”. A balance in advertising brings in a fair share of responsibility.

The need of the hour

Social Networking is fun, we need strict laws against fake things being exploited and a full stop to online bullying.

We learned the hard way

What every marketer forgets, Social Media is a fun place, therefore, create content that is fun. Use Social Media to market your products in a fun and engaging manner.

Did we just share that?

Most of the incidents happened during Karnataka Premier League matches and the funniest was when we declared the winner even before the toss. Accidently a wrong creative was uploaded into social media and guess what? Our prediction was right.

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They work with us

We have handled multiple clients from different sectors like Sports, Food and drinks, clubs, startups and many more. Many of our clients are multinational, therefore, our exposure to the audience is much wider.

The industry as we foresee

Indian Social Media industry in the coming years might fall down as many people are being cheated in the name of Marketing. Businesses trust people who offer Social Media Services for a cheap rate and when it doesn’t work, they never take another step towards building quality content by hiring a marketing expert.

A day without Internet

There was a time when the internet was down due to rain. Got to know that it might take at least 4-5 days so we took a long break to travel and explore.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Currently not! But soon.