Agency Feature: TMU


How do we define TMU?

Tera Mera Uska also called TMU Digital Branding and marketing started in 2017. We planned this company for getting each and every business in India, online. We named the agency in an Indian fashion to keep it relatable with high-recall value.

What’s in the name?

We named the agency in an Indian fashion to keep it relatable with high-recall value. We were successful in getting close to 30 businesses up and running, using our 360 Degree services.

What do we do?

Branding, Marketing – #AllDigital

We support our customers in content collection. A division of our company has photographers and videographers, carrying high-end equipment to each of our customers, as part of the contract, weekly, to collect strategized content.

Why do we do it?

Indian digital map and transformation in the last 5 to 6 years have dramatically been shaping up. This is the main reason.

Something exclusive that we offer to Indian businesses as an Indian operation run by a strong experienced, certified Digital Marketing team with more than 17 years of experience in Software exports.

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How do we evolve?

We continuously work on Quality, Maximum Relevant Videos, Strong SEM, SEO, SMM with an excellent understanding of LinkedIn Marketing with a strong tool that we plan to launch – Ad copy creation using Artificial Intelligence and Another tool, for Lead Generation Via References.

Social responsibility in social media

We do not follow or release anything religious and political content. We also don’t promote any influencers in the same field. Instead, we work with startups on a very basic and organized pricing.

The need of the hour

We are careful in the kind of content we create and the elements we use, especially when it comes to anything that affects anyone’s sentiments or using any proprietary information.

We learned the hard way

The challenge lies in the expectations of the Indian customers and explaining to them the nuances of being digital, digital marketing, various objectives such as lead generation, and ROI through engagement activities.

Did we just share that?

A video that we shot and edited for SMM for garden equipment and artifacts manufacturing company, where we used a child with an artifact, playing, went viral. And how did it all begin? We started getting the same videos being pushed by other children in the country for a similar business domain. It amused us by seeing, how things go viral.

They work with us

  • GIS
  • Sharpex Industries
  • Kaizen Hospital
  • Abhedya
  • Modern Terry Towels

The industry as we foresee

Videos on SMM which are relevant and with a CTA for the viewer to interact and benefit from. A major consolidation will happen on SMM in 2020 and will also be affected by Data prices increasing.

A day without Internet

There are people in this country and the world, who leave their phones away for 1 to 7 days at a stretch. Nowadays, it is next to impossible to do that and considered bad for Agencies like us. It can be good to mankind, though.