Breathe free breaks health stereotypes through #InhalerHainSahi ft.Bhumi Pednekar, Radhika Apte

Breathe Free

Cipla’s Breathe Free joins hands with public figures to prove #InhalersHainSahi. Aims to put a full stop to addiction stereotypes.

Since the last year, Breathe free, a Cipla initiative has been giving rise to trending campaigns such as #BerokZindagi and #InhalersHainSahi to fight the stereotype that tags along with the usage of inhalers by asthmatics. However, through the campaign, the brand wishes to fight the superstition that states inhalers are addictive.

Thus, for the next round of campaigning, the influencers spread the word by tagging their contemporaries. Bhumi Pednekar attempted to rope in Aparkshakti Khurrana, Shriya Saran and Huma Qureshi. Thus, what stands out in these posts is that influencers explain the difference between regularity and addiction. The objective is to normalize the habit of using inhalers so asthma does not become a barrier to the aspiration for patients. However, in all the posts by influencers, the caption has been observed to remain uniform. This results in the repetition of spreading the same piece of information.

Nonetheless, the strategic advantage of this campaign is how influencers from different genres – Hospitality, Sports, Bollywood, Comedy and Public figures have joined hands to spread the word.

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The expertise that the following influencers have in their respective field will make their message more persuasive as the audience would fairly rely on them.

Radhika Apte

Bhumi Pednekar

Kuldeep Yadav

Parupalli Kashyap

Vikas Khanna

Bipasha Barua

Thus, #InhalersHainSahi is a step towards fighting misinformation and busting the stereotype against inhalers. Being an ongoing campaign, this mainly addresses the key issues and myths that hinder the appropriate treatment of asthma through inhalers featuring popular achievers living a life without limits despite asthma.