Case Study: How Nykaa Man used social media to create category awareness?

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The case study decodes how Nykaa Man leveraged Instagram to create awareness not only around the brand but also the men's grooming category.

The campaign aimed at establishing men's community on social media to start conversations around men's grooming and buy products from the site created for them.

Brand - Nykaa Man

Agency - Monk Entertainment

Category Introduction

Indian men’s grooming industry is estimated to be worth more than Rs 5000 crores with an exceptional Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 15%. This growing pace implies that male customers shall be spending more time and money on personal grooming. This has given rise to multiple male-centric grooming brands. 

Brand Introduction

As Nykaa ventured into men’s grooming industry, the intent for Nykaa Man’s social media branding was to create an online community for men. By leveraging humor and entertainment, Nykaa Man became the first of its kind male community page making grooming fun and relatable.


Nykaa Man’s fair share of the social media content was curated to educate men on their grooming practices while inculcating the same into their daily routine of self-care through engaging posts and stories. This was achieved by strategizing content with a subtle tone of humor added to the informative tone of the brand’s page and contextual engagement on individual posts. 

  • Curated infotainment oriented content with interactive approach spread over a range of genres including vox-pops, stop motions and topical content with vector creatives.
  • Initiated a conversation around men’s grooming while debunking taboos around the same. 
  • With the right set of male influencers, the buzz was amplified with remarkable growth retention.

Problem Statement/Objective

As the brand was taking on the challenge to organize the men’s grooming under one roof, it aimed to be a community that focussed on its audience i.e. men,  rather than being the traditional product-centric page as has been done for other e-commerce pages. The intent was to curate a new age page where every guy could open up and begin a conversation about personal hygiene, health, grooming, and styling. 


The idea was to create a community for males to initiate conversations around grooming and encourage them to buy products from Nykaa Site.

Creative Idea

The page was launched by driving curiosity and anticipation established by a launch campaign “Ab Apna Time Aa Gaya” involving India’s most loved grooming influencers with their 15-second styling videos. It was eventually taken over with content that created a relatability factor with the target audience by aesthetically combining infotainment through vectors, stop-motions, product shoots, and creatives.


Since the target audience i.e. men aren’t really used to the idea of grooming page but prefer to follow a tech, meme, or informative page, unlike their female counterparts who’d be interested in products, brands, make-up page.

Lack of awareness about basic grooming products and an assumption of knowing it all amongst the target audience made it even more difficult for us to create the first communication ladder, let alone teaching them the right way to groom up. 

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The strategy was to take a noble approach to the idea of male grooming whilst discarding the old school approach with a more awareness-based perspective i.e. usability and benefits of buying the products.

Content was curated in such a manner that invited engagement and hence, included a variety of genres from stop motions to vox-pops and even memes along with substantial influencer marketing. 

The content was shot in-house on whatever would be trending at the moment. The product flat lays and shots with models would be shot with diligent color coding to create a brand recall with aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

Interactive content like vox-pops and stop motions helped us engage real men to indulge in conversations concerning their everyday dilemmas like acne, patchy beard, dandruff, body odor, etc. that ranged over a plethora of genres like nutrition, styling, health, fitness, grooming, etc. 

We also stirred the right amount of sexually educative content with smart product placements of brands like Durex. That helped generate curiosity over taboos. Influencer posts at regular intervals also drove substantial traffic and helped retain the growth of page. We also established our DM space as an accessible Google Search Bar for every Nykaa Man follower out there. 



Instagram insights of Nykaa Man’s page illustrate that we were able to gather over 40k followers in the initial three months with over 91% of the male audience from the metropolitan cities.

We were also able to attract over 90% of our targeted age group i.e. 18-34 years young with an organic engagement rate of 25-30%. Some of our highlights include over 11k comments on a single post at 25k followers which is nothing but surprising in terms of page growth and consistency.

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