Case Study: How The Beauty Co’s #untyped reached 10.3mn users through influencers

#Untype BeautyCo Case study

The Beauty Co decided to associate with a larger cause with #untype, targetting stereotypes faced by modern society. The messaging was amplified through an influencer outreach program.

This case study explores how the beauty brand- The Beauty Co – leveraged opinion leaders to promote the message of inclusivity across social media channels to reach 10.3 million people.

Brand Introduction

The Beauty Co. is a premium range of women’s grooming products. The vast portfolio of products includes four main categories – Hair, Body, Skin, and Teeth.


Stereotypes affect the way we look at ourselves. We are constantly reminded that our gender, color, size & sexuality defines us. Beauty brands play an important role in creating these stereotypes. As a beauty brand, The Beauty Co wanted to take a stand against these stereotypes. The brand believes that beauty is not only what we see but also about what we feel. When one feels beautiful it shows.

This campaign wanted people to feel beautiful regardless of the stereotypes that surround them.

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Problem Statement/Objective

The Beauty Co, through its campaign of #Untype, was aiming to take a stand on the societal norms revolving around the beauty industry. The objective of this campaign was to encourage everyone to ostracize the stereotypical beauty standards and embrace themselves. Hence, the brand came up with a positive campaign shunning societal practices, a campaign that aims to break the conventional and idealistic standards set over by the decades.

#Untype was driven by influencers who each stepped forward in support of this initiative with a proclamation of self-love, acceptance, and diversity.


Beauty does not have a type


The brand showcased people breaking out of the type that they have been labeled with.

The campaign was executed by mapping key opinion leaders and influencers on various social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.



 #UNTYPE garnered a reach of 10.3 million with just a short burst of 12 days. There were over 200 people who shared the video on social media. It was spearheaded by 90 influencers, who took it upon themselves to be the voice of the voiceless.

  • Total Reach: 10.3 million
  • Total Engagement: 273.3k
  • Total Interactions: 278.6k
  • Total Impressions: 25 million

The influencers were chosen from across different walks of life and included names like Ashish Bhatia, Ridhi Dogra, Anmol Rodriguez, Meena Gheewala, Naaz Joshi, Anwesh Sahoo, Sushant Digvikar, Shaurya Sanadhya, Kinjal Bhanushali and through their audience, it reached exponentially to a wider audience. 

CMO Quote

Suraj Vazirani, Founder & CEO of The Beauty Co said, “With the theme that beauty is inclusive, we wanted to serve a bigger purpose than just selling our products. And to let them know that we find them beautiful, regardless of their shape, size, color, gender & sexuality. Through this campaign, we wanted to talk about breaking ‘types’ and embracing our true selves with love & confidence.”