Facebook plans broad roll-out of redesigned UI; soon to launch Lasso

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Facebook redesigned UI

Facebook will start rolling out the redesigned UI for desktop with streamlined navigation to more users now.

The redesigned Facebook UI for desktop has larger fonts and simplified layouts, most used features would appear streamlined to be easier to navigate. The new UI looks cleaner and has a mobile-like feel.

Currently, the UI is only available to a small number of users and Facebook has planned the broader roll-out before April. In the meantime, users who have access to the new UI can give feedback on the areas that need improvement. They also have the option to opt-out and switch back to the old UI.

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Additionally, Facebook plans to launch Lasso in the first financial quarter of this year in India, according to reports.

Lasso, a mock-up of TikTok with filters, effects and video-editing tools, with which users can shoot 15-second long videos by lip-syncing to music, dancing or do anything similar to what one can on TikTok was first announced in 2018.


A source familiar to Facebook's plans mentioned, "They have been mapping several aspects that triggered the growth of TikTok in India through third parties". Facebook recently also made deals with major music labels in India, Lasso may have been a part of those deals.

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