A festival campaign that explores children’s dilemma

Festival campaign

Do children understand that one can celebrate multiple festivals in one day? Reliance Smart’s festival campaign Tyohaar Hai Bada Manao explores the phenomenon.

A festival campaign by Reliance Smart, Tyohaar Hai Bada Manao tells a tale of two children trying to grasp how three festivals are being celebrated at the same time.

Growing up, a child comes across various cultural representations and expressions. Sometimes, it can be difficult for them to wrap their mind around the idea of how they exist simultaneously. It becomes imperative to help them understand and allow them to explore the diversities they are bound to live through for the rest of their lives.

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The video begins with one of the protagonists wishing his friend on the occasion of Lohri. The friend states that he is mistaking Pongal to be Lohri. This conflict remains to be an issue between the two friends throughout the day, where they keep reiterating that they are right in their individual rhetorics. They are even punished together for a misdemeanour but their fight relentlessly continues.

It is only in the evening that the childish fights end when they are told about how its also Makar Sankranti that day. The tale ends on a happy note as their dilemma is resolved. The campaign video is able to put across the message of how it’s important to expose children to various cultures with sensitivity.