Flaming International Hot & Spicy Food Day brand posts

International Hot & Spicy Food Day brand posts

International Hot & Spicy Food Day brand posts heat up the social temperature with a spiced up platter.

The day calls out to the chili heads and heat seekers and is savored by hosting chili-eating challenges, dress-ups & cook-offs. The jamboree went online with International Hot & Spicy Food Day brand posts.

Most of the brands that tapped this beanfeast were from the Food & Beverages sector. Restaurants, franchises, hotels, resorts and more season the day with flavorsome posts.

Brands touch base with people’s love for spicy food and restaurants plate up their spiciest appetizers, few enlighten us about the blazing benefits of eating spicy food.

Burger King India says hot & spicy is not enough, Carlsberg India informs us about today’s precautions, Mandarin Oak held a tasting challenge, Phoenix United Bareilly apprises us of a trivia.

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Burger King India

Carlsberg India

International Hot & Spicy Food Day brand posts

Mandarin Oak

Asian Town

Jaisalmer Marriott Resort

The Line

Asia Kitchen

Phoenix United Bareilly

Pacific Spice Company

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