Global Samosa: Four Seasons' campaign pushes young adults to have more sex

As a part of the Four Seasons campaign, a tool kit has been launched for parents to have easy conversations about sex with young adults.

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Four Seasons campaign

As a part of the Four Seasons campaign, a tool kit has been launched for parents to have easy conversations about sex with young adults.

With an intention to nudge parents into having conversations about sex and pleasure with their young adult children, Four Seasons has launched a limited edition tool kit. Created by CHE Proximity, The Generation Intervention includes an influencer marketing phase for message amplification. The brand hopes to give young adults an opportunity to discuss their issues in a safe environment.

The Australian brand that sells sexual health wellness products has put across a claim that Millenials are having up to 50% less sex than the previous generation. This is the core idea behind the week-old campaign that is essentially asking young adults to have more sex.

Tool Kit

The tool kit launched by Four Seasons includes a variety of condoms, stimulating arousal gels, massage oils, and lubricants. The brand hopes that if a parent were to gift it to their young adult child, it would be symbolic of the fact that they are available for a conversation about sex if they need it. It aims to reduce inhibitions about talks associated with sex.

Four Seasons campaign kit also includes some Ice Breaker cards with simple suggestions on how to easily open such a dialogue. These cards are also available online, along with a detailed pamphlet. The pack was created in collaboration with sexologist Jacqueline Hellyer.


As a part of the campaign, Tom from the Roundabout Crew’s mum sat her kids down for a Generation Intervention. In the discussion that ensues, she discusses her sexual experiences from when she was young.

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A number of influencers have also been roped in by the condom brand to amplify the message of the campaign among Australians. The topic was also discussed on The Daily Talk Show.

It is interesting how condom brands are taking up sexual health issues and attempting to spark off meaningful conversations as a part of their brand communications. Closer home, Durex has been trying to raise awareness about mutual pleasure in heterosexual relationships and Manforce has been running a campaign about data privacy and misuse of sexually explicit images and how people can safeguard their private moments.

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