Guesture campaign invites students to co-living with #JustBringYourBag

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Guesture campaign

Nudging students and Millenials to say no to landlords, brokers, and rent, the new campaign by Guesture aims to promote co-living spaces.

Taking a deep dive into the issues faced by students and Millenials when they rent a shared living space, Guesture has launched a series of long-form videos under the #JustBringYourBag. The campaign advertisements peg the brand as the solution to all these issues, justifying the higher cost with better amenities and security features.

So far, the brand has released four videos from the series. Each advertisement is roughly about two minutes long. The most recent in the series concentrates specifically on the issues faced by women and plays out as a conversation between two friends, one of whom is using Guesture services. Lack of privacy and insane curfew timings have been highlighted.

Though the campaign targets a hyperlocal audience, the treatment of the issues makes is relevant for markets outside Bengaluru too.

Speaking about the campaign, Pramod Kumar, Director, Guesture, said, "We understand the issues faced by young adults while finding the right accommodation near their place of work. The advertisements are retable and show some real-life scenarios young adults go through. They make a lot of adjustments and sacrifice when it comes to accommodation and we plan to tackle these in our communication."

Creative process

The brief, in a line, was to address the concerns of individuals looking to rent a home in an around Electronic City, Bengaluru, said Mark Lazaro – Chief Innovation Officer, Lazaro Advertising. The team them went in-depth to analyse how to further break down complex problems that individuals or organisations are looking to tackle.

Street surveys were conducted by Lazaro in the area to understand the housing issues Guesture was trying to solve. #JustBringYourBag came to life with the help of these insights, the use of design thinking and a sprinkle of humour in the narrative. The series aims to appeal to individuals living in and around the area, capture their everyday life and provide solutions that can ease their accommodation.

“In Bengaluru, Guesture is playing an important role in enabling a comfortable lifestyle with safety and hygiene at the very core of their business offering. We are happy to be part of the brand's journey, and look forward to adding more to the series soon," he adds.

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