Hrithik birthday brand posts trot through the socialverse

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Hrithik brand posts

Are you with me? Can you feel it? Then let's go for it. Hrithik brand posts from the symposium of stars send Birthday wishes.

Hrithik Roshan, a household name, turns 46 today and his colossal following along with several celebutantes sent across earnest wishes and brand posts followed.

The Greek God's reel is an assemblage of several showstoppers and Hrithik has recited some striking dialogues etched in our memory. Several brands tapped through his most favourite chracters, dialogues movies and they did not miss out on his stupefying dance moves.

Most brands tapping this trend are from the entertainment industry such as Music Channels, multiplexes, and more.

MX Player revives the Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai memories, Panosic Seekit slides a double entendre, MTV Beats recaps Hrithik's timeline, Sony MAX2 enlightens us with some unknown facts and more brands characterize birthday wishes.

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MX Player

Panasonic Seekit

MTV Beats

Sony MAX2

Excitel Broadband

Red FM

Brand Factory

Mountain Dew India

ETC Bollywood

IIFA Awards

PVR Cinemas


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