Instagram launches new Boomerang features

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Instagram Boomerang

Instagram has introduced its popular feature Boomerang in new forms: Slowmo, Echo, and Duo.

Boomerang the most popular camera format on Instagram and a video-editing tool that creates a looping effect has got new additions with varying effects.

The new filters are available in the Boomerang composer located in the Instagram Stories camera.

Slowmo slows down the playback speed of the video, Echo creates a reverbing double vision effect and Duo both speeds up and slows down.

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To use the new features, Open the Story Camera, Swipe over to Boomerang and press and hold the shutter button. Once you let go, you'll see an infinity symbol, tap it to choose the desired effect.

In other news, edited or photoshopped pictures are being flagged down as fake by Instagram. The platform recently announced a feature that lets users flag content that is potentially false.

Reportedly, Instagram is starting to flag photoshopped images or digital art. Instagram had mentioned it uses a combination of technology and feedback from users to flag false photos.

Seems like Instagram would have to upgrade their technology to better differentiate the ones that are false and the ones that aren't, if the photos are being flagged from their end.

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