Zuckerberg shares Facebook focus areas for next decade

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook decade

Mark Zuckerberg sets forth the focus of Facebook for the next decade and outlines the fragments that would be introduced or improved.

Private Social Platform

He suggests the introduction of a new Private Social Platform built by reconstructing social infrastructure that focusses on smaller communities is one of the focusses of Facebook for the next decade.

The platform would be designed to emphasize private interactions and build smaller communities.


Facebook would be focussing on building commerce and more payment tools, over the decade. The launch of Libra is already lined up for an estimated launch in 2020. Small businesses have been thriving on the platform and the company would also be making more tools available to smaller businesses that were previously available to bigger companies.

The Next Computing Platform

We've observed the focus shift from desktop to mobile phones. Zuckerberg reckons while mobile phones will continue to be the primary platform for this decade, the next shift would be towards AR Glasses.

Facebook's acquisition of Oculus has given them a leap in the AR World. Although, Snapchat has already launched a few generations of Spectacles - smartglasses designed to recording videos for Snapchat.

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While they're not AR Glasses, Facebook can expect a sense of competition from them. Also, Snapchat already has a creative community to support AR, in case they decide to venture into the AR Glasses zone. Additionally, there are several tech giants such as Apple and Lenovo planning to venture AR Glasses, or already have done it.

Zuckerberg suggests if they're able to deliver what they're building, AR Glasses can be introduced by 2030.


He appeals to the government to make clearer rules around elections, harmful content, privacy, and data portability. He also suggests the Oversight Board they've been building which is sort of self-regulatory and independent could also be a way to address this.

Although, the Oversight Board has been criticized in various instances, due to Facebook's attachment to several scandals.

Generational Change

Zuckerberg believes, as in the upcoming decade more institutions would be run by millennials, as a part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, they would primarily help this generation.

Furthermore, Facebook has launched Page Management History. The feature shows what management actions have been taken when they were taken, and who took them. The feature is designed to simplify actions for Pages handled by multiple admins.

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