Moment marketing: Brands weigh in on Kunal v/s Arnab with creatives

Arnab creatives

This week, as Twitter raged over Kunal Kamra’s confrontation of Arnab Goswami, brands leveraged the attention for moment marketing creatives.

Earlier this week, comedian Kunal Kamra got hold of prime time anchor, Arnab Goswami on a flight and gave him a taste of the way Goswami treats guests on his show. While Kamra repeatedly used the anchor popular phrase, ‘The Nation Wants to Know,’ Goswami remained mum. The clip, shared by Kamra blew up on social media, prompting brands to share Kunal v/s Arnab creatives as part of moment marketing.

The topic blew up Twitter and led to several conversations about journalistic ethics and the history of the way Republic TV has covered several issues recently, especially in regards to topics of national interest.

The alleged biases of the channel were highlighted by the people as a means to justify the actions of Kamra. On the other end were people opining how the trend of belittling journalists could be a dangerous trend. Both sides made several memes on the topic, helping it trends across social media platforms.

While most of the brands concentrated on the noise aspect of the issue given Arnab Goswami’s reputation, some took a wordplay on Kamra’s name in brand creatives. The imagery of a room was evoked. The announcements made by several airlines banning Kamra because of his behaviour were also a major part of the narrative put forth by brands.


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