#SamosaTalks: CMOs will have to be more accountable for business results: Sanjay Tripathy, Agilio Labs

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Jan 29, 2020 04:36 IST
Agilio Labs

Sanjay Tripathy from Agilio Labs simplifies marketing for 2020. He highlights the startup culture in India and trends that will shape the New Year amongst other topics.

The Founder & CEO of Agilio Labs and the Jury member of Social Samosa 40 under 40, Sanjay Tripathy in a tête-à-tête with Social Samosa, takes us through his journey in the M & A Industry and key takeaways and trends that brands and agencies can leverage.

Sanjay Tripathy highlights that bigger companies can do a lot through digital because they garner brand trust.

"The only challenge is through people, processes, and thinking. If you can have all these elements together, any company can dominate in the digital world", explains Tripathy.

Excerpts below.

Trends to shape M & A Industry

The first trend, Tripathy points out is that youngsters are no longer on Facebook, they are probably more on Snapchat or Instagram. "They will continue to move on more glamourous social media channels", he highlights.

The second factor that will stand-out is Influencers. They will be playing a greater role. "I think there’ll be more integration of Shopping platforms and influencers, going forward, says Tripathy.

Tripathy shares that there’ll be more influencers from a specific community such as micro-influencers than just one celebrity selling a specific product.

He points out that in 2020 and coming years marketing would be more video-driven than what is happening currently. Also, the marketing spends on Digital will continue to rise as people are moving more towards the channel, explains Tripathy.

If the same trend continues, then Digital that is at 15-25% of the market might move to 50% of the total share, highlights Tripathy

Tripathy further shares trends on technology, traditional media, and team perspective:

  • TV will not die but every media will have a role to play. For certain segments, it will only be Mobile. Youngsters will be consuming TV content lesser. For tier II and tier III, the television might be relevant so there’ll be a lot of micro-segmentation happening.
  • From a marketing team perspective, specialization skills will matter. CMOs will no longer have control over the entire functioning, as a segmented approach is more likely to succeed. So, how to get your segmented team to think alike and get the best from them would play a major role.
  • Lastly, AI will play a major role. Going forward, the budget will probably be driven by AI. This technology can probably measure your creative success in a better manner.

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Top trends for CMOs in 2020

  • The first thing is that CMOs will need to be technologically-led. They have to learn to make a difference. If they aren’t able to do that then a new set of CMOs will come up that are tech-first than being brand or creative-first.
  • The second aspect would be being an aggregator of skill-sets with so many things to be done by the team. So, from a team-management perspective, it would be a completely different challenge wherein as a team you have to get the best out of every team member.
  • The third aspect is that they need to be more business-focussed. Businesses continue to struggle because of the economy and multiple other factors. So, the old goal that “My brand score and engagement has gone up”, won’t work. Brand CMOs will have to be more accountable for the business results.

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