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Rubeena Singh from iProspect speaks about the evolving Advertising & Marketing industry and the factors marketers should pay heed to, to stay ahead in the game.

Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect comes with almost two decades of experience in the A & M Industry. The dynamic leader gets in an exclusive tête-à-tête with Social Samosa over insights and trends prevailing in the industry.

3 Vs of Marketing

Speaking on Voice, Vernacular, and Video reining the digital trends, Singh points out that Voice brings along a lot of opportunities. She further explains that brands are doing some interesting work from building relationships with customers to giving them interactive experience.

"As per a report, the queries that come from voice search converts 15x better than other queries. So, it is a huge opportunity coming forward", shares the industry stalwart.

In the context of marketing in vernacular language, Singh highlights that there has to be a cultural and local nuance when one is marketing in vernacular languages.

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Content Marketing Trends

Remarking on content marketing trends for 2020, Rubeena nonchalantly mentions that in this day and age Video has to be in the heart of your content strategy.

She further highlights, "In one of the reports, I read that by 2022, there are going to be 3.5 billion people using AR and there will be 15 billion revenue in AR ads. So, I would encourage brands to look at that format, play around it and get their learnings easy".

A few other trends in her opinion would be UGC and messaging apps. "You have seen the growth of Instagram, it is a lot of UGC. Brands need to think that how can they engage with the existing users to create content for them which can then engage the potential users. This is a scalable way of doing it without investing too much cost," she explains.

Moment Marketing to Dominate 2020

Singh explains how consumer behavior has changed. There was one way of reaching consumers when they are searching for something and you present the brand to them while they are searching for it.

But today there are so many factors, offline factors that can create a trigger from outside and get you to pull up your smartphone and start looking for information. That presents an opportunity for the brands to jump in the conversation and build a relationship with their customers.

"Marketing the right content to the right consumer is absolutely the key especially in today’s world when things are getting integrated. This is when moment marketing comes in," explains Rubeena.

The Futuristic Agency

A lot has been said about digital marketing changing every passing moment that has been said. But, how does one build an agency that adapts with the changing needs and is in line with the integrated future of the industry?

Rubeena shares that the Agency of the future has opportunities in various areas.

Data: Going back to what is always said that customer is the key. The customer is doing a lot of things on digital. You have to find out what customer is doing and translate it into brand marketing strategy on digital.

Optimization: If you look at large platforms such as Google and Facebook, a lot of them are looking at automating their products via machine learning and AI. So, all of these will be commoditized. Agencies will be used for big ideas. So, how can they bring an innovative approach and creatively use these platforms? The second area would be to provide strategy and big ideas to brands.

Consolidate: The kind of agencies that will win in this space, will certainly not be the medium-sized agencies. Clients want to pay lesser and lesser. Medium-sized agencies neither bring the benefits of a small agency that are nimble and pivot quickly, nor a large agency that has a bouquet of integrated services.

Also, I don’t think that niche agencies will be able to operate stand-alone. Silos create their own challenges. Fragmentation is not what clients are looking for. They are looking for consolidations. So, I believe the larger networks that will be able to do more under one umbrella will win in the future.

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